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Vince Carter Joins ESPN for a Full-Time Role

After 22 seasons in the NBA, Vince Carter won’t get to enjoy retirement for very long as he now begins his newest venture as a full-time analyst with ESPN. 

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The Six Degrees of ̶K̶e̶v̶i̶n̶ ̶B̶a̶c̶o̶n̶ Vince Carter

There used to be a game people would play called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” where people would try to connect Bacon to any given person in Hollywood in six degrees or less. It was a spoof of the concept of six degrees of separation and an interview Bacon once gave in which he talked about having worked with just about everybody in Hollywood, it was popular enough to inspire books and become engrained in pop culture, and anybody who actually played it must have been the biggest film nerd in the world.

There’s even a website that’s been around for 20 years now entitled The Oracle of Bacon. The Oracle of Bacon uses an algorithm that compiles nearly a million IMDb pages to find links to Bacon.

Why in the world am I writing about Kevin Bacon?

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Vince Carter Re-Signs With Atlanta

As the whirlwind that is the 2019 NBA offseason dies down, 42-year-old free agent Vince Carter has secured a new contract, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Carter is the oldest active player in the league, and has played for 10 separate

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Report: Vince Carter would consider HEAT in free agency

Fresh off of playing in his 21st season, Atlanta Hawks free agent guard Vince Carter is giving it one more season. Appearing on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Wednesday, the 42-year-old veteran announced that his plans to retire after next season. Once he signs a new deal with a team, he’ll become the first player in NBA history to play in 22 NBA seasons.

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Leandre: Celtics Still Need Veteran Presence

Eight straight wins. A lot of people have tried to de-legitimize the win streak for the Boston Celtics, calling it a “cupcake” portion of the schedule. But let’s face it, they’re doing what good teams are supposed to be doing

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Atlanta Hawks: 2018 Season Preview

The Atlanta Hawks were dulled last season. From a playoff team in 2016-17 to the worst overall record in the Eastern Conference, Atlanta is truly free-falling. Can they get back to the form they showed?

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The NBA’s Forgotten Superstars

Every year, dozens of new players enter the league and new stars rise to prominence. As these new players rise to fame though, the older players are downgraded, a shadow of their prime. All of these players were at one point superstars in the league, but today they get paid a fraction of what the once were as their stats deplete. As the 2018-2019 season approaches, here’s a list of five overlooked players who are far beyond their prime but deserve more recognition for how great they once were.

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Players the Celtics Could Target With Their Disabled Player Exception

It’s been over two months since the Boston Celtics were awarded an $8.4 million Disabled Player Exception (DPE) following Gordon Hayward’s gruesome ankle injury, but general manager Danny Ainge has yet to utilize it. During the time since it was

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