Meet the Prime Time Sports Talk Team

Sam Gordon / C.E.O., Lead New England Patriots Writerimg_19851.jpg

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Gordon is the founder of Prime Time Sports Talk as well as the EVVY Award winning host of its weekly radio show on ETIN and Sports War Radio. Gordon has been keeping his followers up to date on all Patriots happenings for over a decade. Gordon also works for Emerson College organizations EIV and WEBN as a broadcaster and writer of sports, politics and entertainment. He is the editor of the Patriots Platform.

Nate Rollins / Site Designer, Assistant Editor, Lead Boston Red Sox Writer 

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Rollins is the site designer and editor of Red Sox Row. A junior journalism major at Emerson College, Rollins was brought to Fenway Park for the first time at the age five. Over the years, he was in the stands to witness the Mother’s Day Miracle and the David Well’s comebacker. He also serves as a voice on Prime Time Sports Talk on ETIN and Sports War Radio

Jack Aylmer / Co-founder, Lead Boston Celtics Writerd4b27423184ca89cb9d28f679c31c12b.jpeg

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Aylmer takes the reins as the lead author and editor of Celtics Corner. Aylmer is the co-founder of the weekly radio show and has had hundreds of quality articles published throughout a myriad of outlets.

Kyle Bray / Editor-in-Chief, Lead New England Revolution Writer 2ea7a245dc9719ae65d18298a2fcdb86.jpeg

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Bray is a freshman journalism major at Emerson College. While he loves virtually all sports, soccer is his true passion. He also reports on sports for the Berkeley Beacon and the Bay State Herald.

Davis Ender / Lead Boston Bruins Writer0d3c7227d499a5c05bc453d50d5fea81.jpeg

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Ender was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. He’s a die-hard sports fan, and has always loved hockey. Something about the combination of the NHL’s speed and physicality has always been entertaining to him.

Steve Lalonde / Boston Bruins Contributor, Boston Celtics Contributor, Boston Red Sox Contributor, New England Patriots Contributore7fa1e727afb2493acc6a0938cc5b721.jpeg

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Lalonde is an avid New England sports viewer who hails in Ottawa, Canada. You can always find him at the Bruins game in Ottawa.

Nora Kent / Boston Bruins Contributor9c55b47b2004a993180cf161c8c803ae.jpeg

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Kent is a student-athlete who’s been passionate about hockey for as long as she can remember. In the future, Kent hopes to become a TV personality reporting all things hockey, but for now she’s focusing on graduating high school and writing articles.

       Sean McGinness / Boston Red Sox Contributorddb2c4056cd81787058c1a2729e2a7d3.jpeg

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McGinness brings a wealth of knowledge on the Red Sox to Prime Time Sports Talk. Known for his pre-game and post-game notes, the Southern New Hampshire native adds a dynamic dimension to the site.

Dylan Corey / Boston Celtics Contributor80136c2dc3725e0a5610616dcf765350.png

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Corey is a lifelong viewer of Boston sports and is majoring in Mass Media Communications at Henderson State University. While the 18-year-old follows all sports, he has an undying love for the Celtics and hopes to eventually cover them for a living.

Ray Petree / Boston Celtics Contributorcf89a2e26c9ba61cbaefb06c14a06e3d.jpeg

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Petree went to his first Celtics game when he was 11 years old, and has been hooked ever since. A basketball aficionado, he’s studying sports journalism to become a basketball writer for Bleacher Report or Bill Simmons’ ‘The Ringer’.

Hannah Brewitt / Boston Red Sox Contributor22a27f9c5a2f42cac0fe95b2bae39fb5.png

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Brewitt is a student-athlete at Emerson College where she studies Journalism. She is a New Hampshire native and has been a diehard New England sports viewer for as long as she can remember. She is pursuing a career in sports journalism with a focus on broadcast and print.

Libby Sweeney / Boston Bruins Contributord402d54cfd1d55ae9fcd5d0c869ff450.png

Sweeney is a writing student at Emerson College, and has always wanted to write about her favorite hockey team, the Boston Bruins. From New Hampshire, she grew up in a New England sports household all her life and has been exposed to all major sports, but fell in love with the game of hockey. Having followed the Bruins and rest of the NHL for years now, Sweeney brings a wealth of hockey knowledge and passion for the game wherever she goes.

John O’Callaghan / Assistant Editor, New England Patriots Contributore894baf33a91f95d5a5894f00eaf9d9d-2.png

Follow O’Callaghan on Twitter:O’Callaghan has vast experience as a sports writer, as his work is featured in multiple platforms that include Bleacher Report (NFL Team Stream Correspondent), staff writer at the Enterprise of Brockton and Scene Magazine and (Red Sox Beat Writer). He graduated from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, NY with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication as well as minors in Political Science and Sports Management.

Patrick Mulligan / Boston Celtics Contributor 21729226_700685626722479_1806919645_n-16683050-1505620350750.jpg

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Mulligan is a student at Emerson College and an avid sports fan. Growing up in New Jersey, he never really had “hometown teams”, so he’s excited to finally have all four major sports to watch and cover. He is pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus in print and broadcast.

Rick Pierce / Boston Red Sox Contributorc4e52481958c57fc7ac4c091cb31dd1e.png

Pierce is a lifelong Red Sox viewer and he watches every game. His writing focuses on starting a conversation and making you think.

Melanie Klucznik / Boston Bruins Contributor Melanie

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Klucznik is a beat writer who dives into the Boston Bruins’ season with analysis, opinion, and insight. A junior broadcast journalism major at Emerson College, she has been following the sport of hockey as a fan, and an analyst, for nearly 20 years. She has worked as a news correspondent on WERS-FM, and has published countless articles for on and off-campus publications, she has worked as a sports correspondent for the Berkeley Beacon and WEBN Sports.

250df3365df2932a943371ada8e56621.pngFranco Araujo O’Neill / Boston Red Sox Contributor, New England Revolution Contributor

Araujo O’Neill is a Honduran/Irish journalism major and soccer player at Emerson College. He was raised playing every sport, but excelled and fell in love with soccer. He has a passion for story-telling and illuminating the magic that the sports brings to the world.

3cd85957964a47424ead0d7d305b134b.pngSam Connon / New England Patriots Contributor, Boston Red Sox Contributor

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Connon is a freshman studying economics at UCLA. A Boston native raised on championships, he became a die hard fan of all the hometown teams at a young age. He is also currently writing for his own site, The Sports Life Blog, and is on the women’s basketball beat for The Daily Bruin.

dd98a40012d52d16e90234da789d3186.pngJunior Matos / New England Revolution Contributor, New England Patriots Contributor

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Matos is a communications major at Utah State University with writing experience on MLS teams and the league. He has a passion for football and soccer.

Strictly Radio Team

Tay Thai / Show Producer19225332_2128764654016958_7830835679795705385_n.jpg

Thai is the producer of the EVVY winning radio show, Prime Time Sports Talk. Rotating from the control room to the face on the television, Thai has worked on many broadcast television networks and now has decided to dive into the world of radio journalism as the most recent addition to the Prime Time Sports Talk team. She is a sophomore broadcast journalism major at Emerson College.

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