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Golden Knight’s Fairytale Continues, Nate Schmidt’s Return Proved to be Key

The Vegas Golden Knights came in rocking into their inaugural NHL season, in which they won the Pacific division. Then in the playoffs, they easily made it through to the Stanley Cup finals. On their way to the Cup finals, the Golden Knights lost just three games during the playoffs. The Cinderella story came to an end with a 4-1 win for the Washington Capitals in those Stanley Cup finals last June.

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Assessing the Odds: A Gambler’s Look at the 2019 NBA Season

Caleb Mynatt | August 3rd, 2018 The 2018 offseason has been one filled with a promising draft class, a loaded free agency class and even a star-for-star trade. But like all good things, the offseason must eventually end.  With Summer

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