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How the Quarterback Position has Changed: ’66-’77.

Previously in this multi-article chain, I went over the quarterbacks from the ’40’s to ’65. The QB position changed in that quarter century from a man who hands the ball off to a man who throws the football down the field. However, the QB position would change even more in this eleven-year span than it did in the previous 25-year span.

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How the QB Position has Changed in the Last 75 Years. Pre-Super Bowl Era. (1919-1966)

We all know the toughest position to play in sports is the Quarterback position. You have to call all the plays, dissect defenses, detect blitzes, throw through a gauntlet of defenders to receivers, and run around when it’s necessary. We all know the QB position requires a lot of practice and work, but how has it changed since the 1940’s? This is what we will be going through today with future articles looking at each era and the evolution of the QB position. Be prepared for a history lesson.

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