Can 6-10 Win the NFC East?

Can 6-10 win the NFC East?

The answer is yes, but only one team can mathematically pull it off. That team is the New York Giants. Here’s the scenario where 6-10 wins the NFC East.

Let’s start by explaining why the other three teams in the NFC East can’t do it.

The Philadelphia Eagles are pretty obvious due to their tie earlier this season against the Cincinnati Bengals. They do still have a shot at the division but would need to go 6-9-1 with help.

The Washington Football Team would need to lose their last two games, but if Dallas loses to Philly that would give the Eagles a better record at 6-9-1 in the end since Washington plays Philly in Week 17.

For the Dallas Cowboys to finish 6-10 they would have to lose to either the Eagles or Giants which would leave them on the outside.


Now for the Giants. They can finish 6-10 and win the division if this scenario plays out.

Week 16

Dallas beats Philadelphia
New York loses to the Baltimore Ravens
Washington loses to the Carolina Panthers

This would leave Dallas and Washington at 6-9, the Giants at 5-10, and Philadelphia eliminated at 4-10-1

Week 17

New York beats Dallas
Philadelphia beats Washington


At this point the division would look like this:

New York 6-10
Washington 6-10
Dallas 6-10
Philadelphia 5-10-1

The first tiebreaker when three clubs are tied for the division lead is the best won-lost-tied percentage in games among the clubs. Here is how that shakes out:

New York 3-1 (2-0 vs. WFT, 1-1 vs. DAL)
Washington 2-2 (2-0 vs. DAL, 0-2 vs. NYG)
Dallas 1-3 (1-1 vs. NYG, 0-2 vs. WFT)

The Giants are 6-10 NFC East Champs and would host a first-round playoff game.

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  1. Bottom line…Roger Goodell won’t let a 6 – 10 team make the playoffs…he gave everyone on the Eagles a bonus for losing

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