WWE: 3 Takeaways From Payback

WWE: Three takeaways from Payback

It is unusual for WWE to host two pay-per-view events within one week of each other. These past Raw and SmackDown on FOX episodes served as both fallout and go-home episodes, having to detail the fall and rise of storylines quickly. 

With the WWE Champion out with a head injury, the focus was on the dominant women in WWE being Bayley and Sasha Banks, as well as the Universal Championship scene among Braun Strowman, The Fiend, and returning Roman Reigns.

Here are three takeaways from Payback as WWE now heads in the direction of Clash of Champions.


Rey and Domink Mysterio get their moment

Heading into their match as a father-son team, their task at hand came in the form of a forceful veteran in Seth Rollins and his budding disciple in Murphy.

Both Mysterio’s displayed athleticism throughout the match. Both were also eager to take turns getting revenge against the man who has dramatically attacked their family name.


Grabbing the momentum, the Mystero’s had Murphy in the middle of the ring. It would be Domink Mysterio who scored the pin, and his proud father stood at ringside.

Keith Lee is a viper killer

How about a main roster debut?

Lee ascended from the top of the NXT roster to being the man who knocked off a future Hall of Famer. 

Orton and Lee put on a demanding match and spread their action around the area. Lee countered an RKO for a pop-up slam to The Viper, pinning him and leaving him dazed on the mat.


The red brand’s roster has been put on notice by Lee, who now is coming off a victory over the superstar who won ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ earlier this summer.

Roman Reigns is an opportunist

WWE spoiled the end of Payback’s main event match.

Okay, maybe not verbatim.

Reigns entered the match late after The Fiend and Strowman had suplex off the turnbuckles, causing the ring to implode. He signed the match contract as he walked down the ramp and proceeded to put the finishing touches on the champion and challenger.

The Fiend attempted a brief comeback, but it was Strowman who took the pin that drew the match to a close. Reigns rained chair shots to The Monster Among Men and claimed the Universal Championship, and stood next to Paul Heyman as the show closed.

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