WWE: New Tag Team Champions on SmackDown


Bray Wyatt appeared on the jumbotron after Universal Champion Braun Strowman’s match with Shinsuke Nakamura last week, and their incoming feud built during this week’s edition of SmackDown on FOX. Several Money in the Bank qualifying matches took place in addition to a Triple Threat match for the Tag Team Championships.

A Moment of Bliss

Braun Strowman joined Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for A Moment of Bliss. Strowman recapped his past with Bray Wyatt and found a box with his old black sheep mask from his time with the Wyatt Family. Wyatt’s laugh was heard in the arena as the segment closed.


Tamina vs. Sasha Banks

Last week SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley offered Tamina a shot at a championship match if her challenger could defeat her best friend, Sasha Banks. Banks’ hesitancy carried into this week’s match and the two began action when Banks offered Tamina a shirt – to which it was a size small.


Tamina took advantage of her opponent’s timidity in the early part of the match until Banks escaped from a corner and even got Tamina down to the mat. Bayley sat at the announcer’s table and was questioned whether Banks would earn a title shot if she earned a victory.

As Banks built momentum she charged from a corner toward Tamina, who countered with a strong clothesline that sent Banks and the action out of the ring. Banks pushed Tamina into a ring post and Bayley left the announcer’s table to taunt Tamina. Lacey Evans’s music hit and she ran from the ramp and knocked down Bayley.

Tamina issued a superkick to Banks outside the ring and doubled down with another when the two returned to the ring. Tamina rolled Banks up for the win and earned an opportunity to compete for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Sheamus vs. Denzel Dejournette


The two superstars began the match quickly, which shocked the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus delivered elbows to the back of Dejournette and followed with knee shots. An angry Sheamus delivered a Brogue Kick for a quick victory, and he told Michael Cole he would not be disrespected upon leaving the ring.

Jeff Hardy career review part two

Chapter Two: The Fall detailed Hardy’s pain he endured over the years and the risks he took while in the ring. Hardy’s September 2009 departure was noted, followed by how he battled drug abuse.

Naomi vs. Dana Brooke

Women’s MITB qualifying matches continued this week and Naomi and Dana Brooke were set to battle. The two pointed to the briefcase hanging overhead before the bell rang.

Naomi delivered a jumping dropkick early after the two exchanged pins. Brooke threw Naomi outside of the ring and asked the referee to begin a count-out. As Naomi looked to reenter the ring, Brooke baseball-slid into Naomi before going outside the ring to bring her opponent back inside.

Naomi utilized kicks to the face of Brooke after escaping a submission hold. Brooke kicked out of a pin and issued a powerbomb.

Both women traded big shots with their legs and arms around the ring. Brooke countered Naomi’s backflip off the top rope and rolled her up for the win, qualifying for the MITB Ladder Match on May 10.

Sonya Deville talks with Mandy Rose

The friendship between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville was fractured when “the truth was heard” during WrestleMania weekend. This week, the two looked to resolve their conflict.

Deville entered the ring and took to the microphone to ask Rose to come out after attempting to reach her by phone. Rose said she did not have anything to say, and after acting sad, Deville’s demeanor quickly changed to hatred by calling her former friend selfish.

Deville expressed her disgust in Rose during their time as a team. Calling Rose a Barbie Doll and having no talent, Deville expressed wanting to see her friend hurt. Ziggler entered the arena and asked Rose if she felt anything for him, and Deville knocked down Rose. Otis ran down the ramp and charged Ziggler and delivered a Caterpillar. Deville and Ziggler exited together as Rose and Otis stood in the ring.

Howard Finkel tribute

“And neewwww!” Former longtime ring announcer Howard Finkel passed away at age 69. WWE honored “The Fink” by playing a heartfelt video package.

Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

Another qualifier for the MITB Ladder Match was set to take place between veterans Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. The match quickly got physical when Cesaro was thrown out of the ring.

Bryan jumped through the ropes to meet Cesaro, and the match was interrupted by another “the truth will be heard segment.” After a commercial break, Cesaro appeared to have control of the action inside the ring.

Bryan gained an advantage by putting Cesaro in a left arm submission. Cesaro escaped and ran toward the ropes to which Bryan countered and worked his opponent to a right arm submission.

Cesaro got up and threw Bryan down and delivered a kick to the back. Bryan was caught by Cesaro when he jumped atop a turnbuckle. The two went outside the ring and Cesaro delivered a running uppercut.

Back in the ring after a second commercial break, Bryan gave a knelt-over Cesaro several kicks. Cesaro delivered a massive knee after holding Bryan atop his shoulders but could not find a pin. Bryan ran atop a turnbuckle and flipped onto Cesaro, pulling him into a Yes Lock and earned a submission victory.

Elias attacked backstage

As the cameras turned to Elias walking backstage, King Corbin ran and attacked his rival. Corbin lost to Elias at WrestleMania and exacted revenge by dragging him away.

Corbin positioned Elias against a rolling suitcase. Elias’ right hand was stepped on and Corbin struck him with his King’s mallet and smashed a guitar over him.

Big E vs. Jey Uso vs. The Miz (t) Triple Threat match for the Tag Team Championships

A recap of the WrestleMania match between the other members of the three teams was played before the entrances. Big E dominantly began the match by throwing his opponents out of the ring.

Big E cleared the announcer’s table and Uso superkicked him before teaming with The Miz to deliver a double-suplex to Big E through the table.

Uso and The Miz fought in the center of the ring, and Uso took the upper hand by jumping twice onto his opponent. Big E reentered the ring and put a stop to Uso’s momentum. Miz found himself with the advantage of both men down but was stopped by an emerging Uso.

Miz and Uso exchanged pins and Big E was knocked out of the ring when Miz escaped a pin. Miz delivered a Skull Crushing Finale and a leg lock but to no avail. Big E picked Miz up and delivered a Big Ending slam to Miz. Big E rolled Miz up and earned a three-count to earn the SmackDown Tag Team Championships for The New Day.


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