Washington: Data Shows Blake Jarwin is Better Fit for Cowboys than Jason Witten

Future Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys legend Jason Witten has lost a step and it is clearly past time for him to retire. Below is a breakdown and film review that clearly shows and proves that Blake Jarwin is superior, as of now.

What you will see in the first cli[ is Witten on the left side, and the formation hints at a potential run. However, it is a pass play and you can see Witten barely gets up the field five yards. When he does decide to cut his route, it is so slow and predictable that he actually has two defenders on him before he even realizes it. The film proves his speed is what it is and don’t look for him to enter any sprint races soon.

What you see in the second clip is a similar formation as above. Also, notice both plays are first-and-10 scenarios. Jarwin is much quicker than Witten and he gains yardage up the field for an easy catch and a fairly easy first down. Jarwin’s routes could be a bit sharper but for a tight end, he deserves some slack as he could be used more often to really spread the defense and improve the offense in multiple ways. It opens up the running game if the defense is having to play a tight end just like a wide receiver.  Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is possibly the greatest tight end ever and he was phenomenal at spreading the field. There are a lot of similarities between Gronk and Jarwin, but the main difference is that Jarwin is not getting a fair opportunity.

Obviously, there are arguments that say, “Witten is the best blocking tight end the NFL has ever seen.” While this is fair, that ended about two or even three years ago. What you will see in this final video is a pathetic effort and is even quite embarrassing for the Cowboy legend. The defender effortlessly gets past Witten’s poor attempt at a block and tackles Zeke in the backfield. If Zeke didn’t have this defender crashing in on him, Zeke would have had the opening of a car-sized hole to enter for a potential huge run.  However, Zeke never stood a chance and the play fell apart because Witten was simply fooled, out-played and out-classed on this particular play.

Witten took a year off from playing and joined the broadcasting booth. However, feeling the chance to play again plus the potential that the current Cowboys had on their roster, he un-retired and joined the team again. He intended to be in a “limited” role, but being best friends with Jason Garrett, he quickly returned to his starting role when clearly he wasn’t the best tight end on the field.

This is no disrespect to Jason Witten and the fans can’t thank him enough for not only being a great football player but an even better role model, but it’s time to hang it up.  Perhaps Mike McCarthy will see who truly is the best and fans will see a lot more of Jarwin on the field next season.

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