Vikings’ Back-Up Quarterback Plans

?The Minnesota Vikings are currently in their Super Bowl window.

They have a powerhouse defense that got off to a slow start last year but certainly showed their true colors as the year progressed. They also have an offense that can be explosive in their own right. They went shot for shot with last year’s offensive juggernaut Rams. However, even though their window is wide open right now, the long-term future must be kept in mind.

?Kirk Cousins is the guy for the job. He certainly put up the numbers last year to prove that, and with the new minds behind the offense now, and hopefully a competent offensive line, Kirk will flourish.

However, Vikings fans know what it’s like to not have a decent quarterback. The idea that Cousins will continue to play at this level is a dream. Life goes on, and age always plays a factor. Cousins will not be the Vikings’ quarterback forever, and that needs to be kept in mind.

?The idea of trading a third-round pick for Josh Rosen, the current starter for the Arizona Cardinals, is intriguing, but might not be worth it. Sure, Rosen was just a first-round pick, and many teams should be interested in him. But, the Minnesota Vikings might not want to be one of those teams.

With their chance at their first Super Bowl win currently being high, trading a third-round pick might not be the smartest option. Many players in a very deep draft class could potentially come out of the third round and be Day One starters for teams around the NFL. Trading that chance away for a back-up could worsen the long-going Vikings quarterback controversy, and will be very expensive once again when Cousins’ ship sails.

?Rosen may be a cheap option right now, but eventually, he would be the starter, wanting to make a starter’s money. The safer option for the Vikings might be to stick with their third-string guy, Kyle Sloter, who they definitely see something in. They kept Sloter on the active roster last year so other teams could not poach him from their practice squad.

This can be seen only as one thing: the kid can play. Why not continue to groom someone they already see something in behind Cousins?

?It is a foreign concept for the Vikings to have their future quarterback already on the roster behind a franchise quarterback who is currently playing. The Minnesota Vikings haven’t been as lucky as their cheesehead rivals in Green Bay.

Maybe this time around, the tides have turned.

The Vikings should continue on their path, steer clear of Rosen, and put some faith in the men they have.

It’s strange to have this dilemma, but it’s a good dilemma to have.

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