Top-2 cities the NBA should expand to

There is already a widespread of teams in the NBA. If they considered adding two more to the association, they should be based in Kansas City and Seattle.

Kansas City

As seen with the Royals and the Chiefs, Kansas City can create a strong sports fan base that can easily reflect onto the NBA. Looking at a map of the NBA teams, there is a large bare patch in the middle of the United States. Kansas City is one of the largest cities in that region, so it should draw the NBA’s interest soon.

Kansas City has a history with the NBA as they last had a team in the 1984 season. After that season, the Kings relocated to Sacramento. They also had an American Basketball Association team, the Kansas City Knights, that ended after 2004.

In the heart of Kansas City is the Sprint Center. This arena would be perfect for an NBA team as it seats 19,000 fans. In previous years, it has hosted NBA preseason games and NCAA tournament games, so it would certainly be up to par for a full-time NBA team.


Seattle is also a great city to host an NBA team. They already have an MLB, NFL & soccer team as well as a WNBA team. And coming in 2020-21, they will also get an NHL team.

Seattle should house an NBA team in the Seattle center. The arena is currently undergoing renovations to be able to house the new NHL team. This would make it easy for the NBA to add a basketball court into the mix.

As many passionate NBA fans know, Seattle housed the SuperSonics from 1967-2008 before they moved to become the Oklahoma Thunder. Many Seattle NBA fans would love to see them return to their original city. Especially since they are currently undergoing a mass rebuild.

Kansas City and Seattle have been on the top of the list for NBA expansion for a long time. If they try to expand basketball, these two cities should be their top contenders.

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