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Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are in the hub of trade rumors around the NBA. With the NBA trade deadline approaching quickly, the team is receiving a lot of phone calls from opposing franchises. The Celtics are currently the ninth seed and three games above .500. Brad Stevens is looking to make some more moves before the deadline and a few players have been highlighted in trade talks.

The elephant in the room for the Celtics is about a report on superstar guard Jaylen Brown. Rumors have started to circulate that Brown will be looking to request a trade this offseason. Per sources within the Boston Celtics organization, Brown has not shown any disinterest in the team. Although nobody knows exactly what goes on with Brown, the team is confident that he will stay. Stevens and the Celtics also have no plans on trading the guard. 

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Marcus Smart Rumors Ramping Up

Smart has been in a lot of trade rumors as of late. The biggest revelation was when the team nearly had a deal with the Atlanta Hawks surrounding the guard. Smart was on the cusp of being a Hawk until a last-minute disagreement on the deal occurred. The guard, when he was told about the possible trade, was packing his belongings and meeting with players and staff from the team individually to say his goodbyes. 

Although the Atlanta deal didn’t finalize, it is very likely the team could trade Smart by the deadline. The Minnesota Timberwolves have been in talks with Boston about acquiring the gritty guard. Minnesota wants to upgrade from guard Patrick Beverley, as the team has surged as of late. Smart would be a great addition for Minnesota, as the team’s big three lacks the defensive energy. Building a defensive squad around three talented scorers will help the Timberwolves compete for a playoff spot. 

The trade would have to be very complex for a deal to be done. Although both players involved have nearly matching salaries, Smart is worth more than an end-of-the-bench player. Minnesota might not want to give up their first-round pick this season unless it is heavily protected. On the other side, Boston is looking for a lightly protected first-rounder at the minimum in return. Stevens understands the value that a player such as Smart can bring to a team. An energizer on both sides of the court, and a very dedicated teammate. Minnesota to make this deal get done before the deadline would have to relinquish their first-rounder. 

Getting Out of The Luxury Tax

Several teams have inquired about the availability of Dennis Schroder and Josh Richardson. Schroder has been great for the Celtics, especially with the contract that he signed this past offseason. He is making just under $6 million this year. The guard is averaging 14.4 points per game on 43 percent from the field. Schroder has great value with his production and cheap contract, and Boston needs to trade him before the deadline to get under the luxury tax.

Chicago has been rumored to be in talks with Boston about Schroder in exchange for Troy Brown and a second-rounder. This trade will help Chicago to add to their depth at the guard position as they have been struggling with injuries. All Chicago has to relinquish is a second-round pick and a role player, for a player that can become either their productive sixth man or starting point guard for when Lonzo Ball or Zach LaVine is out. 

Utah Ready to Deal?

The Utah Jazz has also shown interest in the Boston guard. With Joe Ingles out with a torn ACL for the season, the Jazz is looking to fill in the scoring output that Ingles provided. Schroder and Richardson could fill that role. Both would be great bench pieces for the Jazz, as the team has been struggling offensively off the bench. For Boston, they could go in two directions with this possible deal. They could trade for the injured Ingles, and let him walk this offseason. This move would help the team clear up cap space for free agency to help rebuild the bench for the following season. Boston could also inquire about Jordan Clarkson, Jared Butler, or Bojan Bogdanovic

Clarkson and Bogdanovic would provide a much-needed offensive output off the bench. They are also both on multi-year deals, which would be beneficial for the long term or for future trade bait. If the team wanted to save money, acquiring Butler would help as he is on a small rookie contract. Butler has the potential to become a valuable role player for cheap. An all-around player that can score at all levels of the court and defend the guard positions. The Jazz would also have to throw in a second-round pick or two if the trade surrounded the rookie.

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