The Cowboys are Playing Chess While Others are Playing Checkers

The Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, knows his days in Dallas are numbered.

His job is safe for now, solely because the NFC East division is so bad that a 6-7 record leads the East by one game.

The Cowboys’ backs are not against the wall yet. The only game they have to win, currently, is the match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys reportedly practiced with anger and with “chippy” actions, but the game against the Bears last night mirrored the embarrassing loss on Thanksgiving Day against the Bills.

Missed field goals, neglected tackling, and pee-wee defensive schemes have evaporated the Super Bowl hope out of the best team that team owner, Jerry Jones, has ever had on the field.  The team is in complete shambles.

Dak Prescott threw for 334 yards, surpassing the 4,000-yard mark for the season. Wide receiver Michael Gallup led the team in receiving with 109 yards on six receptions.  Amari Cooper hauled in a touchdown, 83 yards, and six receptions. Ezekiel Elliott only had 81 yards on 19 attempts after a promising first drive where the Cowboys looked committed to the run.

However, the Cowboys do not have me fooled and neither does Jason Garrett. You heard it from me first, Jason Garrett will be the offensive coordinator or the head coach for the Patriots next year. Patriots head coach Bil Belichick hosted Garrett for a “friendly catch-up” over the summer and I think that’s where talks may have initiated.

However, back to the Cowboys and their genius game plan. This plan was not their first game plan for the Super Bowl champ prediction team. It was altered mid-season when the Cowboys team was impacted by injuries and lackluster coaching.  These key injuries came from Tyrone Crawford, Anthony Brown, Jeff Heath, Leighton Vander Esch, and Amari Cooper.

By the time the Cowboys were 5-3, they already knew they were out of position for a first-round playoff bye and their chance of home-field advantage was as thin as the space between air bubbles getting popped after rising from a poured adult beverage.  This is where the brilliant idea comes into play to limit any further injuries and to make sure we peak at the end of the season when great teams do.

With the Eagles and the rest of the NFC East teams in shambles, the Cowboys could sit back and play basic generic football. And that’s exactly what you have seen, especially on defense. The defense hasn’t blitzed much. Nor have they changed their defensive schemes after the play has started to give the opposing quarterback a different look.

They are a 6-7 team because that’s all they need to be. Jones has even sent a cryptic message lately and said the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl after a fairy tale ending.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott is being saved for late in the season, and the proof is, he hasn’t run the ball 20 times in the last four games.  Our offense isn’t running the same plays that we did the first three games to start out 3-0, and we still have the No. 1 offense in the league.

We are simply not putting anything on tape for a reason.  All of their players are stating pre-scripted messages. “I can’t put my finger on it.” “We have to play better.”

Jerry Jones and co., you are not fooling me.  Well played though, well played.


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