The Celtics Don’t Have to Make a Trade Right Now

While the NBA rumor mill is slowly starting to turn, the Boston Celtics have popped up more frequently than most fans have expected. With so much depth with the wings and center position, do the Celtics really need to make a move right now?

A lot of people were concerned with the rotation at the center position to start the season. Who would’ve thought that a trio of Enes Kanter, Daniel Theis, and Robert Williams III would help put the Celtics sixth in defensive rating in 2020? They have protected the paint well, recovered the rebounds, and for the first time in a while, secured the offensive rebounds. They have all outplayed their expectations so far.

A huge reason why fans thought there won’t be much movement on the trade front is due to the treasure chest of picks slowly starting to deplete, and the unwillingness to part with the core of Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, or Gordon Hayward. Many experts were shocked by the durability and success of this team so far, but could one more piece bring them over the top into another championship? Would that piece be worth giving up somebody from the core? That answer is probably not.

This team is the reality that last year’s team wasn’t, the chemistry is there, and it is real. They have been building since the team USA exhibitions, and it has only grown further since. So why would the subtraction of a player from our abundance of depth help this team contend? They play great together, beating the Bucks and almost the Clippers together. Both sides of the ball have excellent team chemistry, why mess that up?

It’s simple, a trade will not bring this team closer to a ring, but further away than most insiders believe. So let’s not dismantle what the Celtics have going on, this team is going places.

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