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2019-20 Marks Gary Harris’ Return to Dominance

The Nuggets captured the no. two seed in 2018-19 season despite one of their core players missing 30 games. If you were told that the Nuggets would miss a 17.5 PPG, 3 RPG, 3 APG player with efficient shooting ability

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The Mile High City Frauds

It’s been all season, but the feud, so to speak, between the local media/fan base against pretty much everyone else, all started with a tweet from Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright. “The Nuggets are exactly what so many of us said they were: A pretend contender with a pretend superstar… Good luck next year fellas.” People far and wide from everywhere have been calling the Nuggets frauds and that they’ll “get exposed come playoff time.” While it started with arguments and anger from Nuggets fans and local media, the fan base is now embracing the term: frauds.

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