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One Bust for Each NFC East Team in 2022

“Bust” is a relative term. Not all of these players will be bad in 2022, but they could underachieve based on the expectations they have for the season.

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A Terrible Start: The Charlotte Hornets’ Road to Mediocrity

John Devereaux takes a dive into the Charlotte Hornets’ road to mediocrity. Here’s Part 1, which bring us a look at the Bobcats’ portion of this franchise’s history.

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MLB Players Who Could Slump in 2019

We see it every year. A player who has been good during the course of his career has a down year. It happens. Last year, it was Eric Hosmer, Kris Bryant (for his standards), and Jake Arrieta. Who will it be this year? No one can know for sure, but I will definitely give my input (with the help of other members of the Scorecrow team).

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