Roger Goodell’s Comments Suggest SpyGate 2.0 is Far from Over

Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media Wednesday and covered a plethora of topics. Among those topics were, naturally, the New England Patriots. More specifically: the cheating allegations that came up earlier in the season when a Patriots film crew member was caught filming the Bengals sideline.

Goodell had some interesting comments on the matter.

The NFL is apparently still looking into this “scandal” even though they already released a statement saying that there has been no link to Bill Belichick or the football operations side of the team, which caused “frustration” by investigators.

If the NFL’s crack team of investigators has already found out that there is no connection to the football side of the team and it was indeed just a gameday violation by a third part film crew, what more is there to investigate? Roger Goodell should want to put this entire thing to bed before the Super Bowl of the 100th year of the league, but instead, he’s still fielding questions about what has turned into a minor infraction at worst.

There have already been many examples and photos of other teams doing this same type of thing with their organizations so for this ordeal to still be ongoing is somewhat surprising. It’s things like this that make Patriots Nation believe that the NFL really does have some sort of grudge with the team and Bill Belichick.

So, if you are a Patriots fan and thought that this transparent scandal had finally been put to bed, you may want to strap in again. At the rate the NFL moves with their investigations, this thing may last all the way until next season.

Even when the Patriots aren’t playing, they’re still on everyone’s minds.

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