Report: Writer and Broadcaster Insults Brady’s Daughter


When you’re a famous celebrity it’s come to mean “no-holds barred” against you and that was at full force when WEEI writer and broadcaster Alex Reimer made insulting comments about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s daughter.

In a mini-recap of Brady’s Facebook documentary titled Tom vs. Time, Reimer gives his thoughts calling the first episode of the documentary “fine” but then went too far.

As you may have guessed, there has been an abundance of backfire with the comments with people thinking that just talking about someone’s child is out of the question.


Brady has unsurprisingly not responded to the comments Reimer made about his daughter and no affirmative action has been taken against the host.


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24 Responses

  1. Alex, slamming someone’s child is never acceptable. There are boundaries, which you have crossed publicly, and will now face the consequences of your actions publicly. Just because you have a mic doesn’t mean you can cross boundaries. It is so belittling of you as an individual.

  2. Really? This is really going to far. It’s bad enough that no matter what happens in a game they “cheat” but for him to now attack Brady’s daughter to. Why hasn’t he been fired? I don’t care if you like the patriots or not what in the hell did she do to do? Shame on you and this station for not firing your annoying piss ant self.

  3. Shame on you, disgusting that you couldn’t stick to football but had to insult a child. Talk about an ass that’s definitely you.

  4. Alex needs to go! Can’t believe WEEI hasn’t FIRED him yet. I would like to see this coward make the same comment in public instead of the safety of being behind closed doors in front of a microphone? Guaranteed missing teeth! And WEEI, if they have any morals need to make a move! Soon! If it takes the public outcry to persuade WEEI to eliminate this jerk, it shows that they are no better than ALEX! Pathetic.

  5. The majority of sportswriters and announcers are so desperately jealous of superstars like Brady that they think taking cheap shots at him will elevate them nearer to his level. It also gives him the privilege of hearing his fellow sport’s people comment on.”Wow, you really landed one on Brady” In this case, his little girl. You useless bum…you know you can’t possibly discuss the game on Brady’s level so you cheap shot his daughter?? That’s being a scum bag…

  6. Yes, I agree with everyone elses comments . .. He should loose his job, who is he to make such comments ? ?? Way over stepped his limits!!! WEEI PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING , AND RID HIM!!!!!

  7. Get rid of this piece of shit,you never talk about a child,his daughter has done nothing wrong.your just a fuckboy

  8. I think all of you are wrong. This is censorship. It was a relatively harmless comment. Not a friendly one – but are we to censor every comment that we don’t find agreeable? It’s not a good idea to fire every single person who may at one point say something that you don’t like.

      1. Hey Jason YES we will censor anything that a public talk show host says about a players child or wife or family, and if you think its ok you are just as bad as Alex

  9. What is the world coming to when a 5 year old is fair game? How does this excuse for a man be allowed to keep his job? That is not reporting, it’s disgraceful! WEEI needs to do the right thing and fire him.

  10. Hey Jason, you’re right… that would be censorship. I still believe he is wrong, so I’m going to exorcise my right to NOT buy any of the products or support any of the sponsors of that show.


  12. A sports-writer can certainly comment on athletes in the spectre of their experience with the athlete, the athletes performance or an athletes indiscretions. However, to make disparaging public comments versus a child (a 5 year old) is certainly unprofessional & should be reprimanded. Alex Reimer should make a public apology for his inappropriate commentary & suffer the consequences for his lack of professionalism.

  13. Yeah, it did seem like Reimer was putting everything he had into going for a low blow at one of Tom Brady’s kids. Any dad would be concerned by this guy’s behavior. Good for Tom Brady to take a stand & his little girl will be proud someday.

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