Report: Russell Wilson Recruiting Antonio Brown to Seahawks

Russell Wilson has recently advocated for the Seattle Seahawks to try and sign current free agent Antonio Brown, according to John Clayton of ESPN Seattle.

“It’s pretty clear the Seahawks want to run the ball even more this year,” Clayton said. “They have loaded up at tight end and tried to stay big along the offensive line. But it’s not out of the question for the Seahawks to add another wide receiver. According to sources, Wilson would love to add Antonio Brown. Brown is also close with backup quarterback Geno Smith, whose one-year contract with the Seahawks was finalized Wednesday.”

Wilson already has a great receiving core in Tyler Lockett, D.K Metcalf, and David Moore. The team also recently signed former New England Patriots receiver Phillip Dorsett II this offseason. The need for Brown is not necessary for the Seahawks. However, the NFL is a non-guaranteed league. Injuries could plague the receiving core, and one injury could hurt Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense. Adding Brown could be great for the team depth-wise. Brown is still a great receiver and has proven to be a top receiver in the league when healthy. 

Wilson and Brown have practiced and participated in multiple events with one another. This created a bond between the two players, and why Wilson would go out of his way to try to reconnect with the receiver. What comes with Brown is drama and a deva-like attitude.

Within the past year, Brown has been traded and waived, signed and waived, and entered into negotiations but remains a free agent due to his recent behavioral issues that have been consistent since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers. From social media outbursts that would target former personnel and players to DUIs and police interactions, Brown has been involved in many distractions. 

If he were to agree to a contract with Seattle, Brown would most likely have to face a large suspension from the NFL before he hits the field again. He has caused his own suspension from the times he criticized the league and the commissioner through social media or in recent interviews. Further, the league has suspended players who have been involved with the police. Brown, during his time away from the NFL, has been in multiple incidents that escalated to a point where the police had to intervene. 

For Seattle to consider Brown as a possible addition, the team must know that Brown has turned a new leaf. His attitude and behavior must be tamed, and the team must be confident that Brown is serious about playing football again. The past three months have been quiet as Brown has not been in the news as much, which seems to be a good sign from Brown. The idea of him returning to the NFL could still be a possibility.

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