Ranking Recently Retired Vince Wilfork’s Top 5 Moments with the Patriots


Vince Wilfork has hung up his jersey after 13 seasons yesterday.

A special combination of size, speed and athleticism, Wilfork was a metaphorical brick wall. He drew double teams and sometimes triple teams just to slow him down.

He announced he was hanging up his cleats with this tweet:

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and look at the top five moments of Wilfork’s 11-year career with the Patriots.

5. Vince lays the boom


He laid it on the Bills’ Donald Jones. The Bills created a memorial for Jones because his soul is still on the field.

wilfork-hit-9-30-121 Donald.gif

4. GET UP!

Big Vince gets air for a New York Jets field goal block. It may not be that big of a deal, but it is the Jets and that is a rivalry like no other.Blocked Field Goal.gif

3. Look what I found


Wilfork records a “jumping squirrel” interception on a big red zone stop to seal victory.W3WilforkInt.gif

2. The big man comes up with another interception

How does one simply not see the 6-foot-2, 325-pound big man falling back into coverage?


1. The butt fumble 

He single handedly pushed Jets lineman Brandon Moore into quaterbacl Mark Sanchez causing the unforgettable butt fumble which led to a TD by Logan Ryan and a 49-19 routing

Butt fumble.gif

Wilfork is funny, hard working, and charismatic it’s hard not to love the guy. He will be missed in those horrid overalls, or his No. 75 jersey, Wilfork left a mark on the game and will not be forgotten, instead loved forever.


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