Predicting the Brooklyn Nets’ Regular Season


The Brooklyn Nets are in tough shape going into Orlando. They were already without their two star players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving due to injuries, and now they’ll have to play without DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie due to their positive COVID-19 tests. The Nets currently hold the seventh seed, but these injuries and positive tests could knock them out of the playoffs altogether.

July 31st vs. Orlando Magic: Win

The first game of the regular season will go swimmingly for the Nets. Caris LeVert will be lead his team and have a big game against the Magic.

August 2nd vs. Washington Wizards: Loss

This will be a tough loss to take as the Wizards attempt to sneak into the playoffs. Without four of their best players, the Nets will have to rely on LeVert and company to win games. That won’t work in this one.


August 4th vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Loss

The Bucks will just completely out-play the Nets in this game. It will be hard to find someone outside of Jarrett Allen to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo, and nobody on the Nets’ roster will be able to contain Khris Middleton. This game will preview what many believe will happen to Brooklyn if the Nets reach the playoffs.


August 5th vs. Boston Celtics: Loss

Just like in the Bucks game, the Nets have nobody that can guard all of the Celtics’ players. However, if LeVert can have another fourth-quarter miracle like he did earlier in the season against the Celtics, then maybe the outcome will be different this time.


August 7th vs. Sacramento Kings: Loss

At this point, it might be in the Nets’ best interest to begin tanking. If they fall out of the playoffs, they could end up with a lottery pick that could benefit them in the future.

August 9th vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Loss

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will have a field day against this injury-riddled team. The Clippers’ bench could even win this game against the Nets’ lackluster defenders.

August 11th vs. Orlando Magic: Loss

Brooklyn should be tanking by this game. Regardless, the Magic still outmatch the Nets here with their mostly healthy rotation. LeVert is a great offensive player, but he can’t do everything on his own. 

August 13th vs. Portland Trail Blazers: Win

If the Nets win this game, it will probably be because the Trail Blazers are tanking as well. If the Blazers find themselves out of the playoffs, they’ll likely bench every starter. And, if the Nets are still in playoff contention after their losing streak, they might as well go into the postseason on a win.

The Nets will finish their regular season with an abysmal 2-6 record. They’ll probably try to tank if they see both the Magic and Wizards winning games. However, if they don’t, it will be hard for them to retain the seventh seed and fend off the Magic. Either way, they’ll be in a precarious situation.


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