Power Ranking an Ugly Season of Sports Championships

Sports fans love to get hyped for their favorite league’s championship round, but the past 365 days have not given many exciting games. The NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA have all faced some rather lackluster playoff runs, but they weren’t all pure dumpster fires. Here are the last five major sports championships ranked from worst to best (excluding the MLS and NCAA BB).

2018 World Series: Dodgers vs. Red Sox

Of all of the championships to take place over the last year, this was by far the highest profile and most epic matchup. Unfortunately for sports fans though, it was also by far the biggest snooze fest on this list. Four of the five games were decided by multiple runs and only two them had an even remotely interesting moment. Red Sox and Dodgers fans will highlight game three as a fantastic 18-inning marathon, but for any neutral fans, it was a boring, low scoring, and frankly tedious pitching duel.

2018 NBA Finals: Cavaliers vs. Warriors 

These two teams have squared off in the NBA Finals for each of the last four seasons, but only 2016 was a remotely interesting series. Before all the Warriors fans attack me, understand that as a neutral fan, watching any of Golden State’s three NBA Finals victories was tedious due to numerous blowouts and a lackluster sweep in 2018. This Cavs team probably shouldn’t have been here in the first place and no one was beating Golden State anyway.

2018 NCAA FB National Championship: Alabama vs. Clemson

Most fans were happy to see Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide get upset in the national championship, but the matchup has gotten stale over the years. This was the fourth straight season the two have met in the playoff and fans want to see some parity. The reason it is so high on this list is that the first half was at least pretty fun.

2018 Stanley Cup Final: Capitals vs. Golden Knights 

The NHL’s championship series was rather dull on the ice in 2018, but all of the circumstances surrounding both teams at least made it fun to watch. The Golden Knights made it to the final in their inaugural season while the hockey world finally got to see Alexander Ovechkin hoist the Stanley Cup.

Super Bowl 53: Patriots vs. Rams

Yes, the game was very slow and very ugly. Yes, this game was a defense-dominated, slow-paced chore. Yes, the Saints probably got robbed, ending the possibility of a Brady vs. Brees Super Bowl. But fans still can’t ignore the fact that the Super Bowl was tied with under seven minutes left. The Rams were driving down the field to tie the game before Stephon Gilmore’s interception and had a chance to win the game. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a one-score game till around the two-minute warning.

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