Porch: It’s Time to Forget About Kyrie Irving


Everyone had their fun poking fun at Kyrie Irving over the past 10 days, but now it’s time for everyone to move on.

Everyone involved enjoyed the “Kyrie sucks” and “Where’s Kyrie?” chants rain down from the TD Garden crowd in Boston, as well as the weak and unconvincing “Kyrie’s better” chant in Brooklyn.

Boston won the war, in more ways than just one. Not only did he hear the voices and opinions throughout the summer, but he reacted just the way the city wanted him to: Cowardly.

The rumors about his mood swings and leadership, as well as tweets from Nets fans, almost make it bittersweet knowing that the cancer is gone from the Celtics organization.

He’s proven all by himself that he cannot be a leader.


To make this even better, Boston was able to sign a veteran all-star guard to replace him, who is more beloved now than Irving was in both of two seasons with the Celtics.

Kemba Walker has been the glue to this team throughout the season thus far. His charisma and great attitude is something Kyrie Irving will never be able to bring to a basketball organization, his ego is too big for that. His selfishness will always get in the way, but most importantly, his cowardice will always make him run away from situations that he causes.

Marcus Smart has a point, however. Let’s stop talking about him. Let’s focus on the unbelievable start to the season. Let’s talk about how this Celtics team is defying the odds. Let’s talk about how this Celtics team can make a deep playoff run. Let’s talk about how this Celtics team is a championship-caliber squad.

This season looks so bright, but it is hard to keep moving forward when everyone’s mind is riddled in the past. So let’s move forward, and let Kyrie Irving rot where he truly deserves.


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