Porch: Dustin Pedroia Shouldn’t Drag This Out Any Longer

While the team enters a quick two-game series with the Colorado Rockies, news has broken that Dustin Pedroia has returned to be with the team. After a three-month hiatus and another round of knee surgery, one thing is clear: Dustin Pedroia will not play again.

So with all of this effort, why keep trying, and in the process hurting his body even more? The newly turned 36-year-old is still on crutches for at least a couple more weeks after minor surgery last month. He stepped away from baseball and the team back in early June to focus on rehabbing and mentally focusing himself.

“Had a check-up with the doctor this morning and I’ll see the guys the next two days and then I’ll be in Vail until Monday rehabbing. The surgery went really great. I’m still on crutches for two more weeks but things are going really good compared to where I was before the surgery.” Pedroia said in an interview with Rob Bradford.

Growing up and watching Pedroia defeat all the odds, being the greatest second baseman in the American League, watching him win two championships as a major player, and winning an AL MVP was an honor. Watching him as a shell of his former self makes it hard to stomach. I can only imagine what the last couple of seasons has done to his Hall of Fame percentages.

He has only played in nine games since the beginning of 2018, and there is a zero percent chance he makes an appearance again in 2019. It should be time to call it quits. A retirement announcement would definitely benefit the team moving forward.

The team would save around $30 million dollars over the next two seasons if they can convert him into a coaching or staff position. That is money that can be used to upgrade the bullpen or lock up guys such as Rafael Devers or Eduardo Rodriguez. While still being around the team and helping them compete for championships, unlike what he’s doing now.

His presence on the injured list is only holding back a championship-winning team. While Red Sox nation has a debt of gratitude towards Dustin, one thing’s for sure, it’s time to retire a legend.


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  1. The Red Sox should reach some kind of retirement settlement with him. They need the cap space, and his last years had been disastrous. Pedroia is 36 years old. This situation is getting embarrassing. No amount Pedroia propaganda is going to fix his knee.

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