Porcaro: If Patriots Fail to Load Up on Offense, Tom Brady Should Walk Away

There aren’t many teams in any major sport that can say they have the greatest player of all-time on their team. The ones that do usually take advantage of every season they have. Those who don’t have a history of getting left high-and-dry as a rebuilding franchise while another team enjoys success.

We’ve seen it most recently with LeBron James. After dealing with a laughable supporting cast for eight years, the king of the NBA took off for South Beach where he had one of the greatest teams in NBA history around him. It led to two championships and a third Finals appearance. James then returned to Cleveland once they built a supporting cast around him. And, in a similar fashion two years later, when that supporting cast became thin, James left again for a strong supporting cast in Los Angeles.

Many ripped James both times for the decision of leaving. It led to questions of whether or not James truly earned the championships or if his three titles where a case of leaving when times got hard or taking the easy way out.

However, if Brady decides to leave, there will be a big difference between the two.

It starts with the actual physicality of the game of football. Brady was one of the most pressured quarterbacks of 2019, despite having one of the top offensive lines in football just one season prior. This was in part due to their starting center David Andrews missing the entire season with blood clots, which is something the team couldn’t control.

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