NBA Top Ten: 2021 Free Agency Value Signings

NBA rosters are filled out for the most part and little money is left to be spent. While value signings can still be made, the best free agency value signings have already been completed.

From contenders to rebuilding teams and everywhere in between, getting great value in free agency is every front office’s top priority. Which front offices were successful? Keep reading to learn who the best value free agent signings were during 2021 NBA free agency. We’ll start with number ten and work our way toward the best NBA free agency value signing.

All contract numbers are via Spotrac.

10. Kemba Walker to the New York Knicks

Contract: Two years, $17.9 Mil

The New York Knicks took advantage of the market early and often in NBA free agency. They had cap space to use and they made sure to take advantage of it. In addition to extending Julius Randle‘s contract and bringing in Evan Fournier, the Knicks capitalized on the unexpected availability of guard Kemba Walker. Walker is a proven scorer that will not shy away from the moment. His injury concerns are not worrisome at the price tag he signed for.

Walker is making a few million less per year than Reggie Jackson signed for. Kemba is the more valuable asset of the two. The Knicks have great depth at point guard because they got such great value on his deal in free agency. His fit playing off-ball in the same lineup featuring Randle is also a bonus.

9. Rudy Gay to the Utah Jazz

Contract: Three years, $18.5 Mil

Veteran forward Rudy Gay joins the Jazz on the mid-level exception and the team could not have found better value with that money. Already boasting the best bench in the NBA, the Jazz now add Gay to that group or will slot him into the starting five alongside stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Gay adds versatility and flexibility to what was already one of the NBA’s best teams.

He shot 38.1 percent from behind the arc last season with the San Antonio Spurs. Gay can create for himself but has no problem playing off-ball and will be a perfect fit in the Jazz rotation.

8. Blake Griffin to the Brooklyn Nets

Contract: One Year, $2.6 Mil

Griffin’s best days are behind him. The versatile game he has is perfect for a limited role on a contender, though. That’s what the Nets will ask him to be, a role player. They’re getting him at a bargain on a minimum deal after he displayed how perfect he fits with the Nets last season. Griffin averaged 11 points, 4.9 rebounds and 3 assists per game in 46 appearances for Brooklyn last season.

7. Andre Drummond to the Philadelphia 76ers

Contract: One Year, $2.4 Mil

The 76ers saw Dwight Howard leave to return to the Lakers after one season backing up Joel Embiid. They looked right back at the Lakers to fill that void and signed Lakers free agent Andre Drummond to a minimum deal. Drummond will backup Embiid and fill in for him when asked. At next to nothing, he is a massive value signing for the 76ers as they look to compete behind their superstar center.

Drummond is one of the best rebounding bigs in the league. There’s no way the 6ers could have gotten a better player for the role they need to fill at that price.

6. Otto Porter Jr.

Contract: One Year, $2.4 Mil

Porter Jr. has dealt with injury issues in recent seasons but the talent is there. Given the minimum contract he signed with the Warriors, it’s impossible not to have him among the best value signings in free agency. Porter Jr. is a great shooter and can play either forward spot. He has hit on 40.2 percent of his three-point shots over the course of his NBA career. If he can remain healthy for most of the season he will be one of the biggest steals of 2021 NBA free agency.

5. Malik Monk

Contract: One Year, $2.4 Mil

While the Lakers filled out their roster with a number of aging veterans, they also snuck in a great value signing with Malik Monk. The former Hornet not only brings youth the Lakers are lacking but also is coming off the most efficient season of his young NBA career. Last year he averaged a career-high 11.7 points per game and shot a career-best 40.1 percent from behind the arc.

Not often will you find a player coming off his rookie contract and a career-best season on the open market. Not only did the Lakers get that, but they also got him on a minimum deal as well.

4. Nicolas Batum

Contract: Two Years, $6.3 Mil

After having one of the worst contracts in the league for a few years, Batum once again is on the positive value side. He can be earning much more but chose to remain with the Clippers. Batum should see an increased role as Kawhi Leonard rehabs this season. He is the perfectly constructed role player and proved that much this past season.

The veteran forward averaged 29.2 minutes per game in the playoffs for the Clippers and provided a little bit of everything. his ability to slot into any lineup and make an impact makes him an absolute bargain at just over $3 million per year for the next two seasons.

3. Victor Oladipo

Contract: One Year, $2.4 Mil

Due to injury, Oladipo did not have the market he wished for during free agency. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the Miami Heat got incredible value by signing him to a one-year deal worth roughly $2.4 million. He will begin the season rehabbing and will be able to take his time returning as the Heat can get wins without him.

Once he does return, he is a much better player than what his salary would suggest. The former all-star could be the x-factor the Heat need as the season winds down. He is a great defender and good offensive weapon and when he returns he will want to lock up his next contract while also helping the Heat advance deep into the playoffs.

2. Bobby Portis

Contract: Two Years, $8.9 Mil

When Portis originally joined the Bucks last offseason it was a great value free agency addition. Now that he has re-upped with the organization despite proving to be a valuable asset in today’s NBA, he is one of the best value signings in the entire NBA. Portis is looking to run it back with the Bucks and once again play a key role on their team. There is no doubt he is not being compensated what he should be at the end of the day.

The big man shot 47.1 percent from deep last season. He also played a key role in the playoffs, specifically when Giannis Antetokounmpo missed some time. Portis is one of the most underrated contributors on the Bucks and his contract is great value for the franchise moving forward.

1. Dennis Schroder

Contract: One Year, $5.9 Mil

The Celtics saw Schroder fall into their laps in free agency. They certainly aren’t going to complain about that outcome. Schroder was expected to find a much bigger deal in free agency but saw money quickly dry up and suddenly there was no strong offer coming his way.

That led the Celtics to an absolute steal free agency signing, getting the scoring guard for one year and paying him just under $6 million. Schroder will look to up his value for next year when he hits free agency again and the Celtics are going to benefit from the bargain of a deal they got him on.

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