MLB, Yankees to Disclose Letter Involving Sign-Stealing Scandal on Monday

In a year that has seen the sign-stealing schemes of the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox come to light with punishments handed down, further information and drama has been reported.

On Friday, a federal judge said he would unseal a letter that allegedly shows that the Yankees engaged in a sign-stealing scheme that was more in depth than what MLB publicly revealed back in 2017.

The judge said MLB and the Yankees have until noon on Monday to submit the updated version of the letter.

The Yankees had asked for a delay in the unsealing until next Friday so they can attempt to get an emergency appeal. The judge denied the team’s request.

The letter is part of the evidence in a lawsuit filed by a DraftKings player against MLB, the Astros, and the Red Sox over the scandals. The man was seeking damages for money he lost due to the scandals impacting the outcome of games. The suit was ultimately dismissed, but the Yankees were mentioned in the suit, as well.

Although the Bronx Bombers were fined by the commissioner, that was the end of it. At least, for the time being.

Jonathan Schiller, the Yankees’ lawyer, has attacked the unsealing of the letter. He told reporters in a video interview “there is no justification for public disclosure of the letter.”

Even if the weather is a typical hot, sunny, summer day in the Big Apple, Monday seems like it’s going to be a dark one for the community’s baseball fans.

It will be interesting to see exactly what is in the document and if any punishments will be handed down.

Sign stealing has been going on for decades, but with the advancement of technology, the extent of the schemes has become more brazen. Thus, MLB has begun to crack down hard on those who are caught.

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