MLB Draft Exclusive: Nate Furman


In the fourth round of the 2022 MLB Draft, the Cleveland Guardians selected Nate Furman. The 121st overall pick broke onto the scene his freshman year when he posted a .301 batting average. His success continued in the Cape Cod league this summer, where he hit over .300. Furman has elite contact and awareness of the strike zone. He joins a system full of talent and brings a lot of upside to the Cleveland organization.

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College Baseball career

Jamie Gatlin: What was it like playing in the Cape Cod League?

Nate Furman: It was an eye-opening experience. All year at school, I used a metal bat, so using wood was a little different. It’s such a unique place, and it was an honor to play there. Orleans is a great organization; after about a week, I was like, I can do this. I met a couple of guys I will stay in touch with for a while, and it was a blast.

JG: What were some takeaways from your time in the Cape?

NF: Just the power of consistency. The saying I heard all the time in the Cape is that hitting .250 is raking. That was a lot different than at school, where they would say that you have some work to do. Playing with some of the best in college baseball was awesome; hopefully, I get to see them in pro ball.

JG: Is there one lesson in particular from your college coaches that you will take with you to the pros?

NF: Just to be the same guy every day. Regardless of the result, my coaches at Charlotte showed up with the same competitiveness and intensity every day. All the people there are unbelievable and taught me lessons I will carry for the rest of my life.

What the Draft Process was like for Furman

JG: What was the draft process like for you?

NF: It was pretty interesting. I remember at the end of the fall, we had some draft meetings at school, and that is when I found out I was draft eligible. It was still up in the air because my birthday is the 23rd of July, and the draft had been moved back, but no one knew if they would move it back to June. I started not really thinking about it, put draft stuff on the back burner, and had the opportunity to go to the Cape. That was when it set in that this year may be the opportunity to go pro.

JG: Where you expecting the Guardians to draft you?

NF: There were a couple of other teams, but the Guardians were always the frontrunner. They got to know me the best, and everyone I talked to from Cleveland was first class. I’m really excited to be part of a great organization.

JG: What was it like having your family there when you got the call?

NF: It meant everything. Having my family there and seeing their smiles when I got the call made it all worth it. I’ll never forget that day.

Preparing for pro ball

JG: Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

NF: My brothers had the greatest influence. They are my two best friends. They always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. After every game, I talk to at least one of them, if not both. We bounce ideas off each other, and they even watch video of my at-bats. They have been unbelievable in my growth as a baseball player and person. Growing up, I have always wanted to be like them, and they have paved the way for me. I’m just hoping that the youngest in the family can be the best.

JG: Are there are any players that you have modeled your game after?

NF: I wouldn’t say one player, but I grew up a huge Chase Utley fan. He was always playing hard and putting up good at-bats. He was never flashy, but he just played the game the right way. There isn’t a player in particular, but he comes to mind.

JG: What are you looking to work on the most as you prepare for the minors?

NF: Just staying true to the process.  In college I was the first one at the ballpark and last one to leave. That’s what I want to take with me to pro ball. Soak everything in and get better one day at a time.

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