Minnesota Vikings: 2019 Schedule Released


The Minnesota Vikings will be making a strong push for the playoffs this season and the 2019 schedule is looking manageable.

The NFL released pre-season game schedules over a week ago which gave us a look at how the football season will begin for Vikes fans. Minnesota opens at New Orleans on Friday, August 9th, followed by a nationally televised game at home against Seattle on Sunday, August 18th, a home game against Arizona on Saturday, August 24th and finishing off at Buffalo on Thursday, August 29th.

Now, the regular season schedule for the Minnesota Vikings has been set for the 2019 season, and there are some exciting matches lined up.

There are FIVE primetime games slotted in for the Vikings, including games against the Redskins, Packers, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Chargers.


Here is the schedule, with dates, times and locations.

Week 1 VS Atlanta Falcons – September 8th Noon

The last time the Vikings played the Falcons was in December of 2017 in which the Vikings won 14-9. It would be expected that in Minnesota’s second year under Cousins, with some continuity, that they pull off the “W” here to open the season strong.


Week 2 @ Green Bay Packers – September 15th Noon

It is the second year in a row that the Vikings are matched up with the Packers in Week 2. Last year, in Week 2, the teams slugged it out in an exciting match that ended in an overtime tie at 29-29. This year, there have been big changes in Green Bay. While Minnesota rides a higher degree of continuity on offense, it should pay off. In the last four matchups, the Vikings have won three and tied one.

Week 3 VS Oakland Raiders – September 22nd Noon

These two teams have only played each other twice in the last 10 years, with a win for each team. It was 2015 when the Raiders and Vikings last met, in a matchup that saw Minnesota take the win with a 30-14 scoreboard. Both teams are significantly different now, so it is anyone’s guess who takes this one. In any case, the match should be explosive given the huge playmakers on both sides — Antonio Brown and Adam Thielen.

Week 4 @ Chicago Bears – September 29th 3:25 pm

If you are a Vikings fan, 2018 brought an extreme souring of any salvageable relationship with Bears fans. The Bears took over the NFC North in one fell swoop last season. Since this is the teams’ first matchup, there should be an aggressive attempt by the Vikings to usurp their dominance early in the season.

Week 5 @ New York Giants – October 6th Noon

The Giants and Vikings have played each other five times in the last 10 years. However, the Vikings boast a winning record of 3-2. The New York Giants have made some questionable off-season moves so far by trading away Odell Beckham, Jr. to the Raiders. At this stage, it would be surprising if the Vikings didn’t win in a high scoring game.


Week 6 VS Philadelphia Eagles – October 13th Noon

The history between these two teams runs deep, and the 2017 season NFC Championship game is still a sore topic. However, the Eagles do not have their beloved savior QB Nick Foles anymore. Carson Wentz is renowned for not remaining healthy for an entire season, so the verdict is still out on this one. The Vikings won their last game and have a strong case to produce the same result this time around.

Week 7 @ Detroit Lions – October 20th Noon

The old rivalry continues. Minnesota has won the last three of four matchups over the last two seasons, however, in the NFC North, everything is on the table.

Week 8 VS Washington Redskins – October 24th 7:20 pm

Minnesota has won the last three out of four matchups between the two teams. The last win was in November of 2017 with a high scoring 38-30 win for the Vikings. Given that this is Kirk Cousins’ previous team, this will at the least be an interesting and nostalgic match for the fans.

Week 9 @ Kansas City Chiefs – November 3rd Noon

These two teams have only played each other twice in 10 years with a 1-1 record each. The Vikings won their last matchup in 2015 with a close 16-10 final score. Looking at the two franchises now and how they differ from 2015, this game should be all fireworks. Just think of  Patrick Mahomes and Kirk Cousins throwing consistent downfield bombs. As long as Minnesota shows up to play, this is a MUST watch game.

Week 10 @ Dallas Cowboys – November 10th 7:20 pm

This will be an interesting game. The Vikings and Cowboys are 2 for 2 each in their last four matchups, including one NFC Divisional Playoff game in which the Vikings won. The last two matchups, however, saw the Cowboys win both times. There is no doubt the Cowboys are a team to watch so this is going to be a tough game for both sides.

Week 11 VS Denver Broncos – November 17th Noon

The Broncos have won the last three matchups between the teams, the last being in 2015. We know how much Denver has changed since then. Now that the Broncos have Joe Flacco at the helm, who knows what this game will bring. Flacco will either do really well or tank the team further than they already have been the last couple of seasons. There is a possibility for an easy game for the Vikings.

Week 12 – BYE WEEK

Week 13 @ Seattle Seahawks – December 2nd 7:15 pm

This game does not bode well for Minnesota. The Seahawks have won the last five meetings between the two teams. The last time the Vikings beat the Seahawks was when Brett Favre was their quarterback. Given the high Seattle will be on having inked Wilson to a 4-year extension, this will be one of the toughest matches facing the Vikings.

Week 14 VS Detroit Lions – December 8th Noon

Depending on how Week 7 and the rest of the season go up until this point, this could be a match with serious playoff implications. Provided the Lions continue in a similar vein to last season, this game would be a big game for the Vikings. A win at week 14 could mean a clinched playoff berth.

Week 15 @ Los Angeles Chargers – December 15th 7:20 pm

An interesting fact on the history between these two teams: Since 1971, the teams have alternated wins in every matchup they played. The Chargers won in 1971; the Vikings in their next matchup in 1975 and so on. Given the last matchup was in 2015 with a Vikings win, if the trend continues, the Chargers are due for a victory.

Week 16 VS Green Bay Packers – December 23rd 7:15 pm

Similar to week 14, if the Vikings are still in contention for a playoff berth, this week is monumental. A win over the Packers could cement their position heading into January. What more is there to say other than — the rivalry continues!

Week 17 VS Chicago Bears – December 29th Noon

The regular season finale for the Vikings is at home vs the Chicago Bears. This is the FOURTH straight season in which this exact matchup has occurred in week 17. Any game at US Bank Stadium carries with it high hopes, but this matchup should be a banger.

The 2019 schedule doesn’t look terribly bad for a strong Vikings team. No LA Rams and no New Orleans Saints. Provided the team bring the same level of quality football from last season with a few tweaked improvements, this is likely a good year for Minnesota fans


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