May Power Rankings

With the NFL draft and the second wave of NFL free agency coming and going, it is time to reassess the 32 franchises who will be lacing up their cleats in the 2019 season.

Number 32: Arizona Cardinals (ELO: 1329) +0

By exchanging Josh Rosen for Kyler Murray and three new wide receivers, the Cardinals remain as the worst team in football. The offensive desperately needs help.

Number 31: New York Giants (ELO: 1358) -1

Choosing between Eli Manning and Daniel Jones sounds like a terrible idea in 2019, but that is the situation that plagues the Giants entering the season.

Number 30: Denver Broncos (ELO: 1369) +1

The Broncos have placed a significant amount of hope in the 2018 injury list as Joe Flacco, Phillip Lindsay, Emmanuel Sanders, and Chris Harris Jr. will feature in the 2019 roster. Without injury, the Broncos may be not bad in 2019.

Number 29: Cincinnati Bengals (ELO: 1379) -1

The Bengals went off the rails at the end of the 2018 season. There is heavy doubt that Cincy will be able to escape the cellar of the AFC North.

Number 28: Oakland Raiders (ELO: 1389) -1

Antonio Brown is a nice addition to the offense, but the Raiders are still worse off than they were in August of 2018. For Jon Gruden’s sake, he better hope that all three of the Raiders first-round picks become star talents.

Number 27: San Francisco 49ers (ELO: 1399) +2

Dee Ford and Nick Bosa help the front seven immediately, but the 49ers have bigger needs. Expect them to be competitive, but the secondary must improve for the 49ers to make the playoffs.

Number 26: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ELO: 1408) +0

Exchanging Gerald McCoy for Ndamukong Suh sounds like a bad decision, but at least the Buccaneers will be more controversial in 2019. Jameis Winston holds the key for the success of the offense, and it is imperative that he and Bruce Arians work.

Number 25: Buffalo Bills (ELO: 1409) -1

From a Bills legend to a legend in the making, Kyle Williams giving way to Ed Oliver is a net positive for the Bills. The defense in Buffalo is scary, but the offense is filled with Josh Allen-sized question marks.

Number 24: Washington Redskins (ELO: 1410) -2

The Redskins had the best value draft of any team in the NFC with the selections of Dwayne Haskins and Montez Sweat. However, the Redskins offense relies on Adrian Peterson, who is entering his 13th NFL season.

Number 23: Carolina Panthers (ELO: 1419) +0

Anchored by elite talents all over the field, the Panthers hope that Brian Burns, their first-round choice, is an effective pass rushing option out of the gate in order to regain the front seven’s edge from years past.

Number 22: New York Jets (ELO: 1425) -1

The Jets had a good value draft, and the selection of the supremely-talented Quinnen Williams strengthens their front line defensively. The hopes and dreams of Gotham rest on the shoulders of one Sam Darnold.

Number 21: Miami Dolphins (ELO: 1427) -3

Josh Rosen is now the man in Miami. If it works out, the Dolphins will look like geniuses, but they currently do not have much to surround the former first-round pick with.

Number 20: Detroit Lions (ELO: 1431) +0

The Lions took another stab at drafting a tight end in the first round, selecting TJ Hockenson of Iowa. Hockenson projects to be an effective three-down tight end, but tight ends have notoriously lengthy developments, so the Lions might be stuck in the cellar of the NFC North for the next couple seasons.

Number 19: Jacksonville Jaguars (ELO: 1433) +6

Josh Allen (the Kentucky prospect) is worth a significant move up in the power rankings. With new blood on the defensive line, the Sacksonville moniker might return to Duval County.

Number 18: Green Bay Packers (ELO: 1474) +1

In a (not) shocking turn of events, the Packers have tried to improve the defense through early picks. Rashan Gary and Darnell Savage should immediately help the unit, but both reflect risky investments as Gary has little in the way of production carrying over from Michigan and Savage was the result of the Packers trading up.

Number 17: Atlanta Falcons (ELO: 1489) +0

For once, the Falcons do not have depth issues on the offensive line. By selecting a pair of linemen in the first round, the Falcons cover up the gaping holes from their 2018 roster and look to regain the division crown.

Number 16: Pittsburgh Steelers (ELO: 1499) +0

The Ryan Shazier era in Pittsburgh has found its heir apparent in Devin Bush. Bush solidifies a questionable linebacking corps and enables the Steelers to escape the ghosts of their collapse in 2018.

Number 15: Tennessee Titans (ELO: 1524) +0

Jeffery Simmons was a tremendous value selection for the Titans. While there is a massive injury concern, the Titans got a top-five prospect in the middle of the first round. Simmons should be back to maximum effectiveness in the 2020 season.

Number 14: Minnesota Vikings (ELO: 1544) +0

The Vikings finally put some resources into the offensive line with the selection of Garrett Bradbury at No. 18. Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook should be more effective with added protection up front, so the Vikings may return to the playoffs.

Number 13: Seattle Seahawks (ELO: 1559) +0

DK Metcalf is a huge plus, but the Seahawks have been demolished in the last few weeks with the retirement of Doug Baldwin and the gigantic contract forked out to Russell Wilson. Wilson’s fatter pockets limit the flexibility of the Seahawks moving forward and could sacrifice a better roster.

Number 12: Houston Texans (ELO: 1574) +0

Tytus Howard may not have been the right choice, but it is a step in the right direction for the Texans to save Deshaun Watson. If Howard is a marginal tackle in the NFL, the Texans will have a much-improved line and might return to the playoffs.

Number 11: Baltimore Ravens (ELO: 1588) -2

The Ravens had a phenomenal draft based on the context of the roster. Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin, and Justice Hill ooze speed into the offense. The Ravens do suffer a drop off due to the installation of a brand new offense which dramatically lowers the floor on the Ravens while simultaneously improving the ceiling.

Number 10: Cleveland Browns (ELO: 1589) +1

Greedy Williams in the second round is a great value, and he should pair with Denzel Ward to form a formidable duo of cornerbacks. While Odell Beckham has been a general no-show at OTAs, there is significant hope in Cleveland.

Number 9: Indianapolis Colts (ELO: 1590) +1

The Colts just need to stay healthy in 2019 as many of their stars have suffered from injuries in recent years. A healthy year of Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, and Malik Hooker could spell disaster for the AFC South.

Number 8: Dallas Cowboys (ELO: 1599) +0

The Cowboys will sport one of the best defenses in the NFL, and the offense is sustainable, so the Cowboys will be a force to be reckoned with come the regular season.

Number 7: Philadelphia Eagles (ELO: 1614) +0

The Eagles acquired their heir apparent to Jason Peters in Andre Dillard. While the rich get richer, in this case, the Eagles solidify their offensive line depth and luck out on the Texans not drafting Dillard.

Number 6: Chicago Bears (ELO: 1618) -1

Wash, rinse and repeat. The Bears will have one of the best defenses in football, and the unit should place Chicago in the thick of the hunt for the NFC’s number one seed.

Number 5: Los Angeles Chargers (ELO: 1620) +1

Jerry Tillery is a godsend for the Chargers as his presence immediately makes the front seven of the Chargers even more daunting. They shored up the only real hole in their team, and they are poised to replicate a dominant 2018 campaign.

Number 4: Kansas City Chiefs (ELO: 1621) -1

Frank Clark is the result of the Chiefs trading away their first round pick, but it will be interesting to see if he is as effective as he was in Seattle. The Chiefs have continued to be embroiled in conflict off the field as Tyreek Hill’s status for the 2019 season is not fully guaranteed.

Number 3: New Orleans Saints (ELO: 1629) +1

The Saints have stars on offense and defense. With Drew Brees taking another step up the age ladder, the risk of a drop off looms large, but Brees should retain his position as a quality quarterback.

Number 2: Los Angeles Rams (ELO: 1634) +0

Todd Gurley’s injury concerns have been the focus of the Rams offense, but the Rams acquired Darrell Henderson in the draft. Gurley not at full health erodes the high-end potential of the Rams, but an improvement from Jared Goff could prevent a collapse.

Number 1: New England Patriots (ELO: 1649) +0

Nothing new here as the Patriots continue to occupy the number one spot. In a similar vein to the Saints, the Patriots put their eggs in the Tom Brady age basket. However, Sony Michel is quite the alternative and the Patriots should once again reign supreme in the AFC East.

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