Marshawn Lynch “Interested” In Playing for Patriots

More New England Patriots buzz is sweeping the football world as rumors of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch being “interested” in joining the team are being widely reported.

Lynch (30) retired from the NFL in 2015 and has been making an effort to play football once again.

While it may seem like he came out of retirement to play with the Raiders. Some reporters such as Mike Florio of think that if another attractive opportunity arises, he may look somewhere else.

“Lynch’s unretirement isn’t a Raiders-only proposition,” Florio stated in his column. “If the Raiders aren’t going to pay the premium that comes from the positive benefit his presence will have on keeping Oakland fans engaged, Lynch will go elsewhere.”

So far the only other “elsewhere” is the Patriots and while their hasn’t been any reports of interest by the team, one can still be intrigued by what Lynch would bring to the team.

Florio continues the article stating that if Lynch wanted establish a firmer legacy as an all time great back, signing with the Patriots for another Super Bowl opportunity may not be such a bad idea.

“Sure, the Patriots won’t pay a premium for Lynch,” Florio wrote. “Lynch would be more likely to cement his Hall of Fame credentials with a second Super Bowl win by joining the Patriots, who seem to be loaded for championship No. 6. So if he’s taking less money than he wants, it makes more sense to take less with the Patriots.”

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