Longshots: Why you should think about putting 100 dollars on these teams

While the likes of the Patriots, Rams, and Saints feel like locks to repeat at division champions, there are always surprises. Here is a look at the teams who face the longest odds to become division champs.

All odds can be found at Vegas Insider. Odds are accurate as of July 6th.

AFC East: Miami Dolphins 80-1

Verdict: The Miami Dolphins face a long road ahead to winning the AFC East. They currently sit behind the Patriots, Jets, and Bills, and they have little in the hope of winning the division. Oddly enough, the incredibly long odds for Miami seem very accurate for them even though they went 7-9 last season. They would be hard-pressed to beat out all three of the teams ahead of them, but they should not be as bad as some people make them out to be. Only bet on the Dolphins if you are a big supporter of Josh Rosen.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals 14-1

Verdict: Similar to Miami, Cincinnati finds itself behind three teams that should be quality in 2019. However, the Bengals have unfavorable odds compared to Miami. While a payout for selecting the Dolphins would give you $8,100 on your investment, a $100 bet on the Bengals would only net you $1,500 at the end of the season. Look to a different team if you want to win money.

AFC South: Tennessee Titans 7-1

Verdict: Tennessee has rather short odds for being the fourth-place team in the AFC South. However, the odds are unfavorable as the likely payout would not be generally perceived as a longshot. While they are the team with the worst odds to win the division, their odds are still better than quite a few teams across the league — even those that are projected to finish second in their division.

AFC West: Oakland Raiders 16-1

Verdict: In a division of the two-horse race with the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, the Raiders do not have a realistic chance of the division, and the odds do not reflect an accurate payout with respect to the Raiders actually winning the division. Do not put your money on the Raiders.

NFC East: New York Giants 14-1

Verdict: In a similar situation to the Raiders, the Giants find themselves behind two incredibly talented teams with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. It is likely they are also behind the Washington Redskins during the season, and it seems unlikely that the Giants can overcome 14 to 1 odds to win the division. Don’t put your money on the Giants.

NFC North: Detroit Lions 10-1

Verdict: The odds are unfortunate for the Lions this season, but they projected to be the fourth-best team in their division. 10 to 1 odds do not give out a ridiculous payout, but it might be worth it to look at the Lions making the playoffs. However, don’t put money on the Lions to win the division because they are the fourth most talented team in the NFC North.

NFC South: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-1

Verdict: Beyond Tennessee, this proposition on the Buccaneers is the only one that should really be considered at the current odds. If Bruce Arians and Jameis Winston are able to click and the Buccaneers’ defense improves, then the Bucs should be very competitive in the NFC South, and they could steal a crown from the grasp of the Saints.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals 30-1

Verdict: The Cardinals face the second-longest odds of any team — trailing just the Dolphins — but they might be the most unlikely team to win their respective division in the entire NFL. With a rookie quarterback and rookie head coach, it might be enticing to bet on the Cardinals, but it is incredibly unlikely that the Cardinals finish with a better record than the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers.

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