Kansas City Chiefs Pre Free Agency 2022 Seven Round Mock Draft

Kansas City Chiefs

After falling short of winning the Super Bowl again, the Kansas City Chiefs desperately need to help on both sides of the ball. The Chiefs tried and failed using several wide receivers opposite Tyreek Hill. Since Sammy Watkins left the team, finding a No. 2 receiver has been troublesome. At the same time, Daniel Sorensen was a nightmare for the team. With the need for depth and starting talent on the defense’s back end, new safety help is paramount. The Chiefs have three positions they have to focus on during the draft: wide receiver, safety, and defensive line. With numerous players available at pick 30, the Chiefs have a few options to choose from.

To help with this mock draft, I used The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator.

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Round 1, Pick 30: George Pickens, WR, Georgia 

Pickens is a perfect fit for what Andy Reid wants to do on offense. He can stretch the field deep while also making plays across the middle. However, Pickens needs to add a few more pounds of muscle once he gets to the league. Nevertheless, Pickens has shown that he can consistently win going deep. A reason for this is his tremendous footwork and length, paired with his ability to catch contested balls. However, one aspect that he lacks is a physical nature in run blocking. At 6’3″, he should be positive in blocking, but he isn’t due to his slight frame. However, he plays like a young A.J. Green, which could be deadly for the Chief’s offense.

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Round 2, Pick 62: Jalen Pitre, SAF, Baylor 

Pitre, one of the better players in the draft, will likely fall due to positional value. However, he is an excellent prospect who could instantly fix the Chiefs’ secondary. Coming from Baylor, where Dave Aranda makes the safeties do everything, he is already pro-ready. Pitre got tasked to play man and zone coverage, handle tight ends, play in the box, and occasionally blitz. He is a well-rounded player that can do several different things for the team. Pairing Pitre with Tyrann Mathieu will improve the Kansas City secondary. A player comparison to Budda Baker, Pitre is a top safety in this class.

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Round 3, Pick 94: Quay Walker, LB, Georgia 

Walker, the do it all linebacker out of Georgia, is perfect for the Chiefs’ defensive scheme. With his versatility to play the MIKE or the WILL, he offers star power to the team’s linebacking core. While Walker’s best attribute is run-stopping, don’t underestimate his ability to play the pass or come off the edge. However, due to his lack of playing experience, the Chiefs have a chance to take him in the third. While Walker didn’t start a game until the 2020 season, he did start all of 2021. However, he is still raw, but it’s evident that Walker has a ton of room to grow, which makes him intriguing.

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Round 3, Pick 102: Mykael Wright, CB, Oregon 

Wright has a lot of promise as an inside corner for the Chiefs. While he will need to learn to stick with receivers on deep balls, he shows excellent intermediate-range coverage. Wright has shown that he is a more than willing tackler with excellent awareness. Wright has excellent fluidity and has superb closing speed to limit run after the catch. Furthermore, he has the hands and skills to be a ball hawk in the league. He can create interceptions and forced fumbles with the best of them.

Round 4, Pick 133: Isaiah Thomas, DE, Oklahoma 

Thomas has 20 starts in 31 games during his college career. While his experience is limited, he does flash more often than not. During his time at Oklahoma, he was one of the more productive players on the defense. Thomas has a very high motor and won’t ever quit on a play. While his technique isn’t refined yet, he will make plays just off effort alone. However, if Thomas drops a few pounds, he could very well be a force on the edge for the Chiefs. Paired with Chris Jones, the duo could cause many problems in the pass and run game.

Round 6, Pick 189: Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson 

The Chiefs had a problem on offense this past year. The team tried a few band-aid options without weapons outside of Hill and Travis Kelce. With Pickens and Ross as the new receivers, the team’s offense would go back to terrifying opposing defenses. Ross was thought of as a first-round pick in the past, but injuries and production saw him fall. He missed the 2020 season due to surgery for a spinal injury. In 2021 his production dropped off while he was still getting a feel for the game back. However, he has all of the tools to be an excellent receiver.

Round 7, Pick 230: Verone McKinley III, SAF, Oregon

With safety play being a big concern last year, the team needs depth. While Mathieu was one of the best in the league, everyone else was average or below. However, even after taking Pitre in round two, depth is still needed. McKinley could be a perfect backup safety., and one that could start without a problem if needed. He clearly understands the positions with great cut-off angles in the run game to good zone awareness. However, his man coverage is a little weak, along with range. McKinley isn’t going to be a great run support player, but he won’t need to in the Chiefs system.

Round 7, Pick 240: Smoke Monday, SAF, Auburn

Everything McKinley isn’t great at, Monday is. The 6’3″ safety has the range to play an entire field section, and he is a fantastic tackler. Monday’s role will be based on different formation packages and what the team is doing. However, he will need to get better at zone coverage and his ball skills. While he did make a lot of plays, most of them came from his height alone and not his ability. However, Monday could play a huge role right away in dime sub-packages as a replacement linebacker. Furthermore, Monday will see action his rookie year, but it will be sparingly. However, he could become a solid player, who gets a lot of playing time with the suitable scheme.

Round 7, Pick 248: Michael Clemons, EDGE, Texas A&M

While Clemons’ best year was his final one, it wasn’t an eye turner. However, he does have a few good things going for him. With his ability to set an edge in run defense and his length, Clemons is excellent at run defense. However, he lacks an actual pass rush ability. Clemons has good size but doesn’t use it as well as other prospects in the class. While he is excellent at using it for setting an edge, getting to the quarterback is a struggle for him. Furthermore, he would serve a purpose as a run stopper early in his career. However, at some point, he will need to develop a semblance of a pass rush.

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