Irving and Celtics’ Marriage Has Been a Disaster and It’s Only the Beginning


When the Boston Celtics traded for Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, the expectation was that they would be getting an upgrade over Isaiah Thomas and bring them one step closer to their 18th banner.

It was also suppose to be a chance for Irving to break off from LeBron James and have an opportunity to be a leader.

So far, neither of these things have come to fruition. Not even close.

Ever since Gordon Hayward went down with an injury, the team has been dragging along with only one win to its name.

Irving hasn’t exactly been the leader the Celtics have needed either. Through these first games, the team has been out of sync and hasn’t necessarily adapted to the sports atmosphere shouting NSFW comments at fans.


Irving did not seem to regret his comments to the fan.

“H**l no,” Irving told reporters when asked Sunday if he regrets his outburst. “[The fan was] man enough to record it on video, then that’s all him. I’m glad he got his [social media] name out there and then, kinda, 5 seconds of fame and it going viral — that’s the social media platform we live on. I take full responsibility what I said and excuse (to) the kids at home and you move on.”

Irving’s system has always been that one player who coaches the team, which had been the case all in all of his years as a member of the Cavaliers with James at the helm.

If Irving wanted to leave his former team for his chance to do what James is doing with the team, then he’s going to be extremely disappointed.


Head coach Brad Stevens has been the leader and Irving must learn to know his place and fall in line as a player.

Even though it’s been three games, Irving has been less than stellar.



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3 Responses

  1. I respectfully disagree. Like you said it’s been 3 games. You try goin all summer training for a triathlon and then on the day of realize your not swimming your mountain climbing. Celtics went through all offseason with the expectation of having a healthy Hayward in the offense and unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. A new identity has to be formed starting with getting the ball in Kyries hands more and less off the ball especially in the 4th. And yes Kyrie needs to fix his antics like his comment if he wants to be a “leader”. Anyways, if anyone’s been disappointing it’s again our Max contract signing Al Horford. If anyone needs to step up it’s him. It’s been 3 games and the development of Brown and Tatum will grow more with Hayward out. His injury is a blessing in-disguise. We’ll still finish top 5. Keep the faith. Love the grind Sam.

  2. You can’t blame this on Kyrie; he wasn’t given the responsibility of being Captain; blame game here until Brad Stevens appoints Captains and gives them responsibility and duty. The blame stands in the coaches box my friends. You can’t blame no one for nothing until you at least see 15-20 games.

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