Hudson: Sorry Blount, It’s a Passing League

Well, here we are again.

LeGarrette Blount is looking for more money than Bill Belichick is willing to dish out. Now, we know Belichick is Mr.Krabs (doesn’t like to give out money) when it comes to running backs in free agency. Heck, he’s stingy with any free agent.

Unfortunately for Blount, the NFL is a passing league these days. This isn’t the era where Emmitt Smith was putting up record numbers, or Barry Sanders was making defenders look stupid with freakishly athletic cutbacks.

Blount may have had one of the best seasons in his career, but that just isn’t going to cut it. Most of his 18 TD’s came within the red zone or in the closing minutes of blowout games where Blount Force Trauma was in full effect. There have been no other competitive offers, he just has no leverage against Bill for more money.

Don’t get me wrong many would love to see Blount back with the Patriots as he’s a great bell cow, but this is a passing league and money is invested in other positions.

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