Haarmeyer: An Updated Assessment of The Sandlot Game

A few days back, I had given a rather harsh review of Trevor Bauer’s #SandlotGme that was set up among MLB players while they deal with not being able to play.

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In the article, I spoke to the fact of the game being generally boring but could have some potential if they choose to do the event again with some content tweaks.

Ask and you shall receive?

A member of the marketing team at Momentum, the group that had released the #SandlotGame on Youtube, reached out to me letting me know that there was now a final edited version of the event that fans could watch.

And after seeing that newly-released final edit, I was overjoyed with the end product.

The final version of the Sandlot-style game was shorter, more personal, and all-around better experience. Opening up the video with player introductions was a massive help to put a name to faces you see on the field. After drafting the teams, the boys were ready to play and the content kept flowing at a high level the rest of the way.

The players in the game came from seven different MLB teams. The full list of guys included Trevor Bauer, Derek Dietrich, Mike Clevinger, Zach Plesac, Daniel Johnson, Greg Allen, Logan Allen, Christian Arroyo, Oscar Mercado, Tommy Pham, Jacob Faria, Casey Sadler, Keynan Middleton, and Art Warren.

Highlights both on the field and off the field were constant. All players were able to be heard at all times and it truly made them feel more human and relatable.

It was fun to watch professional players mess around on a ball field like they were little kids again; you find yourself smiling at the enjoyment everyone is having the whole time.

Trevor Bauer and Tommy Pham kept up with the jokes throughout the entire video and everyone took their fair share of shots at the Houston Astros following their cheating scandal.

At the end of the game, Trevor Bauer announced the great cause that this game was being played for. Outside of just entertainment for fans experiencing a world with no sports, the #SandlotGame sent a handful of signed memorabilia from the players involved to the Miracle League of Arizona, which is a non-profit organization in North Scottsdale, Ariz., dedicated to providing a safe, successful and enjoyable baseball experience for children, teens, and adults with disabilities or special health care needs.

The game was also able to raise money for MLB gameday staff so that they could receive additional funds while being out of that income currently.

The full recap and highlight reel of the game have been embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

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