Chargers Keep Playoff Hopes Alive in Win Against Green Bay


The Green Bay Packers had a very humbling defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, falling to 7-2 on the season.

Before kickoff, Aaron Rodgers and his red-hot Packers were set to dominate the Chargers. It quickly became clear that a loss was far more likely. The Chargers ran away with a win to the tune of 26-11.

The Chargers entered play having not been themselves for much of the season. Their run-game had, for all intents and purposes, been non-existent thus far. The Chargers’ inability to run the ball had cost them all season-until Sunday. In fact, most of the errors the team had made over the past eight weeks were corrected.


The defense provided tons of pressure on Rodgers, holding him to 161 yards, the fewest yards he’s amounted in a game since 2015. On top of that, the Chargers held Green Bay’s explosive run-game to just 45 yards, despite three of their top defensive players being out.

This week, Los Angeles ran for 159 yards with Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler splitting the workload. Gordon netted two touchdowns, including one from the one-yard line –– in what appears to be an attempt to rid the loss of the Titans game immediately. In fact, LA had a field goal on the books when a penalty allowed them to get the ball back with fourth down at the one. At the time, Anthony Lynn’s decision to take off the field goal points and go for the touchdown seemed odd, but it worked in their favor and essentially solidified the win.


Receiver Mike Williams received for the most yards in his career, 111. Rivers appeared to be one of the weaker links, throwing just shy of 300 yards; however, there was more determine in his eyes than in any other game this season.

The Packers defense started off strong, holding the Chargers to only field goals before the half and through almost the end of the third quarter. They held on strong considering Rodgers only had 50 yards heading into the half. Ultimately, the Chargers touchdowns were by-products of the Green Bay defense growing tired as the game went on. They were getting little to no rest because Rodgers was not producing. In fact, it was not until almost the end of the third quarter, under a minute left, did the Packers even make it to field goal territory. As previously mentioned, the Packers run-game wasn’t doing Rodgers any favors, covering almost no ground.

While this match served as a blow to the Packers, it provided a much-needed confidence boost for the Chargers. Green Bay’s loss does little to affect their playoff chances, especially since the Minnesota Vikings –– the closest competition in their division –– lost as well. It is more likely that the Packers underestimated the Chargers, or they just had an off day; however, there is a slim chance that the Chargers exposed some serious flaws within the Packers.

If that is the case, their No. 1 spot in the NFC North would be in jeopardy. The Chargers went into the matchup believing if they get on a roll, they might be able to still snag a Wild Card spot. If this game was any indication of what the Chargers are actually capable of, their Wild Card dreams are well within reach.


They have struggled with injuries all season, but some of the bigger names have returned, including kicker Mike Badgley and Hunter Henry. It is possible with the return of all the injuries, the team has worked out the kinks and is now syncing as everyone believed they would go into the season.


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