Gordon: The Chung Situation Does Not Add Up

News broke today of New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung being indicted for his possession of cocaine.

Meredith Police Chief Kevin Morrow gave detail that the three-time Super Bowl champion has yet to be arrested.

“[He] did possess or have under his control a quantity of the controlled substance cocaine” Morrow said. “[Chung] was not arrested and there is no photo to provide.”

The first thing that comes up as a red flag to me is this. Why was he not arrested?

What prompted the search of Chung’s home in Meredith was reportedly a breaking and entering into his home which triggered the burglar alarm.

The tripping of the burglar alarm gives the police probable cause to search the home to see if there are any confirmed intruders on the premises.

The police are not allowed to search anyone’s personal belongings whether it be closets, cabinets, or a safe without a warrant for search and seizure unless they see suspicious contraband in plain view.

The only way the police could have been aware that Chung had cocaine in his possession is if he had it in plain sight.

Could it have been someone else’s? Could it have been planted by someone?

It is not a position as a reporter to speculate. For now, everyone will be waiting to see what happens to the Oregon alum when he is arraigned on Wednesday.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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3 Responses

  1. Sam my friend.I hope it’s just speculation and preception.Patrick Chung is a great 3 times New England Patriot Super Bowl champion.Sam you remember Chandler Jones incident.Patrick Chung will no longer be with our team if this true.I was listening to Cris Carter break down on Josh Gordon he didn’t feel confident,but we the organization,the fans gave this young man another chance.Sam,brother,We,
    The New England Patriots their Nation don’t need this scrutiny of our team we love and support.Truly yours
    Richard Ramos.

  2. Obviously this is bogus.just some snow flake trying to tarnish the Patriots team AGAIN.. must be ROGER GOODELL at work AGAIN…

  3. 1} advious chung should be tested if they think is him and of course its not 2} it could very well be the police planting that or someone else in other teams doing the same

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