Gordon: O.J. Simpson Joining Twitter Cannot Save His Legacy

Orenthal James Simpson had it all. A lavish home, a famous partnership with Hertz, and a successful acting career.

But there was one thing more important that Simpson had then that he does not have now: Respect.

Not only did the former Buffalo Bills running back’s life change when the the cuffs were slapped on him in connection to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders. It was also his legacy.

This is what Simpson will always be remembered for. Not for his legendary college and NFL careers. Not for all the times you may have heard, ‘Go O.J. Go’ on your TV screen. Not for the money he raised for charities. It will be for the Bronco chase, the glove, and the trial that made its way into everyone’s living rooms for more than a year.

Though Simpson was acquitted of murder in the trial, he was guilty in the eyes of the public.

To further cement the new image he had. Simpson served nine years for armed robbery.

One would think that a man like Simpson, who has been through the grinder when it comes to public scrutiny, would disappear. Not the case.

Just a few days ago, Simpson had his first foray into social media and this was his first post on Twitter.

Simpson’s final remark stating that he has a lot of, ‘Getting even to do,’ could mean nothing, but could be seen as unsettling to many. That is the fault of Simpson himself.

The former running back says he will talk about anything from fantasy football to politics.

Fans have bought into this as less than a week into his Twitter stint, Simpson now has over 750,000 followers on the platform.

Meanwhile, New York and Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali responded with asking his audience to follow Kim Goldman on Twitter rather than the running back. The sister of one of Simpson’s alleged victims.

There is not much to be said that is new to the subject of Simpson joining Twitter that most media outlets have already dissected.

Simpson is holding onto an idea that if he let admissions and honest truth fly over the Twitter airwaves, this will get him back into the good graces of fans and media alike.

But the harsh reality is this: No matter how many things he says to try and win over the public. This is Simpson’s legacy. This is what he will be known for. Not just as a football legend, but a football legend who possibly got away with murder.

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