Fan Source Announces NBA Content Director

Fan Source announced Friday details regarding a brand new basketball website that will launch this summer, and on Sunday, the announcement of the next content director was made.

Fan Source ownership has spent multiple weeks preparing for the launch of our new hoops page, including conducting an internal search from our NFL staff to find passionate basketball fans who would be interested in becoming the new content director on the NBA side of things. This search concluded Friday.

We are ecstatic to announce that Nolan Hopkins has been offered and has accepted the role of NBA Content Director.

Nolan is a student at Canisius College, where he serves as the Multimedia Director and Assistant News Editor of the college’s student paper, The Griffin. Nolan began with NFL Fan Blitz from Day One of the company and has been an active member of our community. Originally a Cleveland Browns contributor, Nolan was given a promotion to an editorial role with NFL Fan Blitz and immediately made an impact on the editorial team.

When speaking on the news of Nolan’s newest role as the NBA Content Director, Fan Source Network Director Keaton Henry said, “When we made the final decision to expand our network and build upon what we had already built, it became imperative that we find someone who would be a constant example of our main goals here at Fan Source. Our network was founded with the idea that we could help sports fans like ourselves reach new heights within sports journalism. Since day one, Nolan has been a prime example of a leader and has taken on many tasks within our network, regardless of the recognition or lack-there-of that he may receive. I am proud to have Nolan join our leadership team and I have full confidence in his ability to take our network to a new level.”

“The NBA has been a passion of mine since the days of watching LeBron James’ first go-around in Cleveland in the early 2000s,” said Nolan. “That same passion and love for the game instilled in me from a young age makes me very excited to join the NBA page as the content director for a sport that I love. I see this page becoming one of the most counted-on hoops page out there because everything that comes out of the page is written by die-hard fans. Each story will have genuine and real analysis of the sport we all love because that passion for sports is our backbone.”

NFL Fan Blitz Content Director Andersen Pickard, who has worked with Nolan for several months on the editorial staff, said, “Nolan’s work with NFL Fan Blitz has been amazing. His energy helps make our network what it is today. Nolan checks all the boxes when it comes to a leader you want running your site. He has energy, passion, respect, sports knowledge, is a terrific writer … you name it. I cannot wait to see Nolan work with the NBA staff and make our newest sports page a huge success.”

Speaking of an NBA staff, today’s announcement opens the door for dozens of passionate NBA fans to begin or continue their sports writing careers.

“Fan Source is such a great network because it empowers the voice of the average everyday sport fan,” says Hopkins. “The fans rule sports, because if there was nobody to watch or care about these games then they would be obsolete. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual fan or a die-hard fanatic, Fan Source provides fans all around the world with the unique opportunity to write about their favorite teams and admire the work of other fans like themselves.”

If you or someone you know has interest in joining our team as an NBA contributor or editor, fill out our application here!

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