Despite Shorter Odds, Nets Favorite to Win NBA Title

Nets favorites to win NBA title

The Brooklyn Nets squad has embraced Harden, and there’s no doubt that he was among the finest players against the Milwaukee Bucks for 43 seconds. However, since then, Harden has been out of practice because of a hamstring injury. The Bucks have been the No.1 seed of the East two straight seasons. A fascinating Miami Heat team came onto the scene last season as well.

In their past two games against the Bucks, the Nets have already demonstrated their hunger for winning the title. Moreover, it seems that keeping them away from their path would be difficult for others. And, probably, even in the absence of Harden, the team is worthy enough to seize the title for this year. Now, let’s think about it for a second.

Nets are Close to Even Money to Win it All

Many online sportsbooks have already held Net as the favorite with +115 odds on them. During the playoff’s second round, this might seem a bit absurd regardless of the team it is for, but what the Nets have shown in their previous matches has made this possible.

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In the first game, the Bucks were defeated by eight points, and the same thing happened in their second match but by 39 points. However, the Nets were then Underdogs by one point. That was the game, which should have cleared the doubts regarding the probable winner of this season.

For their third game, the Bucks were held as the favorite. The game, full of a Milwaukee crowd, was the first for them after more than 12 months. If the first two games of the series are considered, It would be pretty apparent that it’s next to impossible for Bucks to win four out of five games and seize the title.

The Nets have been great throughout the NBA season, irrespective of whether Harden is in the squad or not. However, with Harden, they would be practically invincible. If we analyze the current sports-betting situation, 40% of the wagered money is on Nets, and assumingly, the percentage is about to go higher with time.

If interested in wagering your money on this high-profile NBA match, gaining the best odds offered, go through several online sportsbooks to compare given odds with each other. Also, you can sign up on this site to save yourself from the complexity of browsing through multiple online platforms.

Who can Appear as a Challenge to Nets?

Being unwilling to accept the Nets as such an overpowering favorite, you should ask yourself which team has the potential of being Nets’ competition. The Atlanta Hawks seem to create trouble for the Philadelphia 76ers’ chance of winning. Coming to the West, the Utah Jazz or Phoenix Suns could have the power of shooting the lights out four times, pulling the upset. But, regardless of the team that would meet Brooklyn in the NBA final, the Nets would remain -250 to win the Title, which is a gigantic underdog, and Harden would join the squad by then assumingly.

Brooklyn has been seen beating the Bucks without Harden. With logical arguments, the Bucks can be placed on the throne of the playoff’s second-best team. However, seemingly, nothing can stop them from being beaten by 50 on Tuesday night. Over the entire course of the tournament, it never appeared that Milwaukee had the potential of triumphing over Nets. Hence, standing at this point, the Nets are seemingly the most likely NBA team to finish the season with a victory.

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