Fact or Fiction: Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves finished the 2020-21 NBA season with the sixth-lowest winning percentage in the NBA. With limited resources in the offseason, few moves were made to the roster.

The franchise will need former all-star guard D’Angelo Russell to maximize his talent alongside franchise player Karl-Anthony Towns. Or, they could aggressively pursue one of the most popular names across the NBA in trade rumors. If neither of these things happen, the clock could already be ticking on Towns time in Minnesota.

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D’Angelo Russell will play to his all-star potential

Russell made the NBA all-star game during his lone season playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Since then, he has only flashed the game that earned him that honor. After a forgetful run with the Golden State Warriors, many expected Russell to bounce back playing alongside his close friend, Karl-Anthony Towns.

That hasn’t really happened. While Russell has inevitably flashed the offensive skillset that makes him so lethal, he has done it in a far less significant manner than he did a few years ago in Brooklyn. Playing alongside the defensive-minded Patrick Beverley this season is going to allow Russell to do more with the ball in his hands. The fit with Ricky Rubio was never ideal and it was smart to end that experiment.

While second-year wing Anthony Edwards takes a step forward and helps Russell offensively, expect the former Laker to return to his all-star level play. That doesn’t mean he’ll make the game, but he will be playing at a high enough level to deserve consideration.

Fact, D’Angelo Russell will return to his all-star worthy level of play

Ben Simmons will be a member of the Timberwolves this season

One of the most popular subjects around the Association currently is the Ben Simmons situation. He wants out but the 76ers are going to find it difficult to work a fair trader out for both parties involved.

If the Timberwolves set their mind to getting Simmons and nothing else they can certainly pull it off. They have the young but established talent to make a deal happen in players like Russell, Edwards and Malik Beasley. The asking price will include too many of these players, though, and that will send the Timberwolves looking elsewhere.

It might be the best way to ensure Towns is happy in the coming years but don’t expect the franchise to make the bold move of trading away his close friend for a player that comes with a lot of baggage at this point in his career. Would getting Simmons be the smart move? Yes. Will it happen? No.

Fiction, Ben Simmons will not be a member of the Timberwolves this season

The clock is ticking on Karl Anthony-Towns

Russell returning to his best version of himself will play a big part in how the franchise can keep Towns happy. He has gone through a lot of losing with the team already and right now they are flawed but talented. It is time to give a light at the end of the tunnel to their franchise player and move away from the bottom feeders of the western conference.

There is no reason to think Towns would have confidence in the organization at this point. If you don’t have confidence in the franchise, it’s hard to sign a long-term deal. For the ITmberwolves to keep the special talent that is KAT around long term they need to start producing on the court.

Fact, the clock is ticking on Towns

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