Exclusive: Creator of Antonio Brown Petition Speaks Out

Very rarely do you have a community outcry around re-signing of a player so controversial. But in New England that is just what is happening.

Jason Correia, a Patriots fan from Rhode Island, started a petition for the Super Bowl champions to re-sign Antonio Brown after the team had released him after an 11-day stint.

The petition stalled at just over 6,000 signatures, but after Brown’s recent apology, Correia decided to share it again and has gotten over 10,000 signatures in less than two days.

“It did 6,300 and then it sputtered out. After the apology, I promoted it again,” Correia told Prime Time Sports Talk. “It was initially important because the Patriots had a shot at going undefeated. Now it’s important because the offense is hot garbage plus the window with Tom Brady is shrinking.”

When it comes to the outpouring of support from Patriots fans, Correia points out that the petition is not about him, but what is best for the team and what puts quarterback Tom Brady in the best position to succeed.

“It has nothing to do with me. I just want what Tom Brady wants,” Correia said. “He likes almost everything [Antonio Brown] posts including the apology. It’s obvious he wants Brown back.”

When it comes down to what Brown has said and allegedly done, Correia believes that if there is any place to help him and straighten the former All-Pro out, it is New England. Comparing Brown’s case to a former teammate.

“I think he acts irrational when he’s angry which is not unusual for people who suffered traumatic brain injuries,” Correia said about Brown. “He needs help and hopefully the Patriots organization steps up and gives it to him like they did for Josh Gordon.”

Regardless to whether Brown has seen the petition or not, Correia says the campaign needs more than enough signatures for Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick to raise an eyebrow.

“It’s big enough now that I’m sure it’s crossed his phone screen,” Correia said. “I’m just not sure it’s big enough yet to make any kind of impact with any decision Mr Kraft might make.”

Correia’s request to Patriots fans is simple. Sign it.

“Whoever hasn’t signed it yet needs to,” Correia said. “The bigger it gets, the more people will talk about it. Even people who aren’t Patriots, but are football fans in general. A guy of his talent should be playing football. He hasn’t killed anybody and he hasn’t been charged with anything. He should be playing.”

The link to sign the petition is below.


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