Evander Holyfield Returns Following Arrival of Mike Tyson: “I’m Back”

In an Instagram video posted on May 12 on Evander Holyfield’s personal Instagram page, the famed boxer announced, “I’m back.” The video showcased a barrage of punches from Holyfield on training mitts where he still looked very well in shape, especially at his age.


The Holyfield video and declaration come only two weeks after Mike Tyson had announced that he would be returning to the ring for exhibition charity matches in the very near future. Through the mitt training style of the video and the way that Holyfield used social media in a similar way to Tyson, it definitely appeared to be a direct message to Tyson. These two fighters are some of the most famous in the history of the sport for both the right and wrong reasons.

Holyfield vs. Tyson II was one of the most infamous fights in the history of the sport in 1997. The first bout between the heavyweights took place in 1996 when Holyfield defeated Tyson for the heavyweight title by TKO.

Fast forward seven months later and the rematch between the two took place with one of the most bizarre finishes in history. In the third round of the bout, Holyfield sporadically untangled himself from Tyson while holding his ear. While in the clinch, Mike Tyson bit a portion of Holyfield’s ear off and was disqualified from the bout in one of the most insane moments in sports history.

Fast forward again 23 years and both of these all-time great heavyweights may be eyeing each other for a rematch. The two legends of the sport have both publicly come forward over the years to say that there is no bad blood between them over the incident in 1997.

Tyson, 53, and Holyfield, 57, have not confirmed that another fight is in the works but the latter has made it clear of his intentions. In an interview with The Sun, he stated, “I would do that. Yes, I want to fight Mike Tyson. … My whole thing is I’m open, and I know that I want to do well for myself at age 57. I can definitely handle him.”

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