Eagles: Donovan McNabb Critiques Carson Wentz

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The former Eagles QB thinks it is NFC Championship game or bust for Wentz.

Longtime Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb gave his opinion on Carson Wentz, and It’s not favorable. Here is a snippet of what McNabb had to say, in an interview with CBS Sports Radio:

“I think, personally, if he can’t get out of the second round in the next two, maybe three, years, but really two years, to be honest with you. If he can’t get out of the second round, they should possibly draft another quarterback because you just don’t know about his durability.”

Hearing this from McNabb is interesting, to say the least. During his time with the Eagles, McNabb took the team to four NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl, losing to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXIX. Throughout his career, McNabb also missed more than twenty games due to injury.

Sour Grapes?

The take on Wentz is seemingly out of nowhere, given that the season is still months away. It paints McNabb in a bad light. NBC reporter Reuben Frank said this on Twitter, “It’s just a bad look for Donovan to say this stuff. He continues to come across as bitter and passive aggressive.” Why then, would McNabb say this?


Win-Now Mode

The Eagles are most certainly in win-now mode. Is this why McNabb has Wentz on such a short leash? Perhaps, but Wentz, when healthy, is an MVP caliber quarterback. In the NFL, Franchise and MVP caliber quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. Suggesting that the Eagles can simply draft another one in any given season is naive. Besides, the Eagles let a Super Bowl MVP walk out of the building, so they are clearly committed to Wentz for the long term.

Partially Right?

Was there any merit in what McNabb said? Maybe, but only time will tell that. If Wentz suffers another season-ending injury, then there will be a concern, but that is true of any quarterback. If these comments come two years from now, after two lackluster seasons from Wentz, then more weight would be given to them. However, McNabb’s short-sighted comments are not in the best interest of the Philadelphia Eagles.


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