Devereaux’s NFL Week 4 Power Rankings


Although it is still early in the season, it seems safe enough to say that there are more competitive teams this year than in years past. There are more than just the four basic Super Bowl contenders this year. The top 10 teams all have made a case to why they could be participating in this year’s Super Bowl.

Even teams that are not serious contenders for a Super Bowl have shown that they could be fighting for a playoff spot. I would not be surprised if some of the teams outside of the top 10 end up finishing in the top 10 or even in the top five by the end of the year.

Here are my Week 4 Power Rankings using seven words or less:

  1. The New England Patriots (3-0) (Last Week: 1): Offensive injuries could become problematic.
  2. Los Angeles Rams (3-0) (Last Week: 2): Led by the defense and coaching.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) (Last Week: 3): Patrick Mahomes trying to repeat last year’s performance.
  4. Dallas Cowboys (3-0) (Last Week: 4): Defeated teams that have combined for one win.
  5. Green Bay Packers (3-0) (Last Week: 5): Packers defense is carrying Aaron Rodgers.
  6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) (Last Week: 6): The best run game in the league.
  7. Houston Texans (2-1) (Last Week: 8): Deshaun Watson is becoming elite.
  8. New Orleans Saints (2-1) (Last Week: 9) No Drew Brees, no problem.
  9. Chicago Bears (2-1) (Last Week: 12): Probably the best defense since ’85 Bears.
  10. Seattle Seahawks (2-1) (Last Week: 11): Russell Wilson is still carrying the Seahawks.
  11. Minnesota Vikings (2-1) (Last Week:15): Dalvin Cook is keeping the Vikings afloat.
  12. San Francisco 49ers (3-0) (Last Week:13): Shouldn’t be 3-0, but they are.
  13. Indianapolis Colts (2-1) (Last Week:18): Jacoby Brissett is playing better than Jimmy Garoppolo.
  14. Buffalo Bills (3-0) (Last Week:19): 3-0 against very bad teams.
  15. Detroit Lions (2-0-1) (Last Week: 24): Is this a fluke?
  16. Cleveland Browns (1-2) (Last Week: 16): Baker Mayfield needs to step up.
  17. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) (Last Week: 7): Embarrassingly underperforming, but Melvin Gordon will return.
  18. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) (Last Week: 10): More dropped passes than touchdowns.
  19. Carolina Panthers (1-2) (Last Week: 20): Kyle Allen will be good enough.
  20. Tennessee Titans (1-2) (Last Week: 14): Within a few weeks Ryan Tannehill will take over.
  21. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) (Last Week: 17): Matt Ryan is killing the Falcons’ season.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) (Last Week: 22): Minshew hype is greater than Jaguars’ season
  23. Arizona Cardinals (0-2-1) (Last Week: 26): Kyler Murray is showing potential.
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) (Last Week: 21): Mike Tomlin, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and James Conner need help.
  25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2) (Last Week: 25): There is a kicking curse in Tampa Bay.
  26. Washington Redskins (0-3) (Last Week: 27): This team is bad with good talent.
  27. Oakland Raiders (1-2) (Last Week: 23): Can beat the teams below them.
  28. The New York Giants (1-2) (Last Week: 31): Daniel Jones will not be the Giants savior this year.
  29. The New York Jets (0-3) (Last Week: 30): Could not score offensively.
  30. Denver Broncos (0-3) (Last Week: 28): Zero sacks in three games.
  31. Cincinnati Bengals (0-3) (Last Week: 29): Replace everyone over the age of 28.
  32. Miami Dolphins (0-3) (Last Week: 32): Did not lose by 30-plus points.




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