Dave Dombrowski has Failed the Red Sox

Without making any additions to the already struggling bullpen, it’s hard to envision a deep run this year.

It all started in the winter of 2019. The inevitable loss of Craig Kimbrel sank the hearts of Red Sox fans. The already-shaky bullpen lost it’s only viable closer. Dave Dombrowski went on to not add a single major league option via free agency. Then the season rolled around.

The bullpen became a solidified unit, but overuse early on slowed its effectiveness, thanks in part to bad outings from starting pitching. They would never really recoup back to a consistent state. Then, on July 13, Dombrowski abandoned the major hole that needed to be filled to compete in order to trade for Andrew Cashner.

With rumors continuously swirling about bullpen relief targets, one could assume dealing Dave had tricks up his sleeve. The thoughts of Edwin Diaz, Will Smith, Shane Greene, or even Daniel Hudson coming to give the reinforcements a boost that was so desperately needed was a kick in the balls that’s grown familiar this season.

With the last five World Series champions adding crucial players at the deadline, this was the way of coming back into the wild card race. Instead, because the team isn’t in first place, they can’t make a move to help push this team to where it needs to be?

“I think if we were closer to first place I would have been more open-minded to some of the other things,” Dombrowski said.

To say that this club needs to play better is nothing short of an understatement, but to completely neglect the bullpen issue for the third time in 12 months is ignorant, and just plain careless of a man in Dombrowski’s position. Team presidents try to put the best lineup of players on that field day in and day out, don’t give up on the team before the regular season is over.

With the race tightening up, only one could hope, that this Red Sox club can right the ship, and march towards October.

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