Could we see a Warriors Renaissance in 2021?


The Warriors, after a reign of terror, have hit a wall. Once having a chokehold on the NBA, they are now 12-43 and dead last.

Not only that, but they haven’t improved as of late, posting a 2-8 record over their last 10 games and riding a four-game losing streak heading into the All-Star Break.

Speaking of which, the reason why this Warriors team is performing how it is performing is clear; for the first time since 2012, they have not had a player in the All-Star Game.


That seems impossible to imagine. Is this not the roster that has Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green? It seems impossible that a roster with this much talent would be left in the NBA’s dust. Unfortunately, for the Warriors, it happened to them. However, it’s not all their fault. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that another cause was the reason for their currently disappointing season which leaves them all but out of playoff contention.

That being said, it isn’t all bad news.


Although 2020 is a lost season, their roster, combined with their low draft pick in the upcoming draft, puts them in a good position in 2021. As such, here are some reasons why they are in this good position, as well as a potential draftee to complete their roster for the upcoming season.

While Golden State does have a very impressive roster, this roster was very ineffective at helping the team. And it’s easy to see why; injuries. The only player that is still starting for the Warriors that was starting on their team that went to the Finals last year is forward Draymond Green. Everyone else is either injured or no longer on the team. Some notable names on that list include Steph Curry, who broke his hand in just his fourth game of the season. Additionally, shooting guard Klay Thompson tore his ACL, and he is out for the season.

The near future looks bleak for the Warriors, and a lottery pick seems inevitable.

However, there is hope for 2021. It involves the aforementioned lottery pick, as well as a certain move that GM Bob Myers made at the trade deadline a few days back. These two things, combined with another reason, could put the Warriors near the top of the West next year. However, many things have to happen for this to be the case.


Fortunately, Golden State will have some help. Klay Thompson, who has been injured for the entire year due to an ACL tear, should be back by next year if not this year. Additionally, Steph Curry has only played in four games, and next year his contributions will be welcomed as the Curry-Thompson duo should be one of the most powerful backcourts in the league. However, the good news doesn’t end there for the Warriors.

Because they currently have the worst record in the league, Golden State has a good chance of getting the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.

A good player to look at drafting would be big-man James Wiseman. Although the 7-foot-1 college freshman only played three games for Memphis before withdrawing from the team due to an NCAA suspension, in that time he averaged 19.7 points, to go along with 10.7 rebounds, all the while shooting at a 76 percent clip. With the Warriors being 22nd in the league in rebounding at just over 43 per game, his presence on the interior could provide a much-needed boost to Golden State’s rebounding abilities.

Another player worth mentioning is Andrew Wiggins. The Guard-Forward, recently acquired from the Timberwolves at the trade deadline, is a versatile player. Standing at 6-foot-7, he can play both forward positions, and he presents a height advantage at Shooting Guard as well. He is currently averaging 22.5 points per game, and as such, is a fantastic third scoring option, and really completes this Warriors roster.

With all of these changes happening, the Warriors’ lineup could look much different than it does now. It could include; Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and James Wiseman.

Many of these players are former All-Stars, and with this improved roster, Golden State could look to take the NBA once again.


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