Could the Ravens be Cheating? Why Does Nobody Talk About it?

During a week in which the Patriots were accused of cheating, it seems like the Baltimore Ravens have been cheating this entire 2019 season.

In just the past week, the Patriots have been accused of cheating by allegedly filming the Bengals sideline during their matchup last week against the Browns. A Patriots employee said the producing crew was trying to film a scout for their upcoming episode of the award-winning show “Do Your Job.”

The original video was recently released and shows no significant sign that New England could’ve gained a competitive advantage, or that they were even attempting to purposefully film the opposing sideline.

However, it seems as though New England may not be the only team trying to gain a competitive advantage. The Baltimore Ravens have a 360-degree view of each game during both the 2018 and 2019 season.

All you have to do is go on their website to find each game and specific moments. From different plays to sideline views during the entire game, the Ravens can easily be using the 360 views to gain a competitive advantage. The following video is from the 2018 playoff game against the Chargers last year:

Click here to view the video on the Ravens site

NFL 360-degree view is something that has been in place since Super Bowl 50 and made it’s way around the NFL in 2017. The NFL started using this type of 360-degree augmented reality to give the fans a different look at the game.

While the Ravens are not the only team to use 360-degree views in their stadium, they seem to have the most angles of opposing teams sidelines during games. So why aren’t the Ravens being accused of cheating?

Is it because the Patriots have constantly been at the top for the past two decades? Do people want to see the Patriots fail? To constantly accuse the Patriots of cheating year in and year out is a bit hypocritical if you look at different opportunities, such as 360 view that other teams could be using to gain a competitive advantage too. So why aren’t other teams being investigated each year for cheating allegations?

The truth is, these videos are no different than videos that fans can take if they are just simply at the game. But to say one team gained a competitive advantage by filming one way and thinking another team couldn’t do the same is a bit hypocritical. As for the Patriots, they hate you when you’re winning, but love you when you break. That’s the price you pay when you’re consistently great.

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