Could Amendola Reunite with New England?

Any player that has played in the New England Patriots organization understands game planning, preparation, and execution. When coaches sign receivers, they expect them to be in sync with the quarterback. Such was the case when wide receiver Danny Amendola joined the Patriots in 2013. His reliability and work ethic caught the attention of quarterback Tom Brady. After a few repetitions in the league, he quickly became one of Brady’s favorite receivers.

Five years with New England gave him the opportunity to play in the postseason multiple times. During his postseason appearances, he earned the nickname “Playoff ‘Dola”. Danny Amendola continued to remain clutch in the postseason. Six touchdown and 709 yards over the last five years solidified his position as a receiver. With these numbers, he was able to play in three Super Bowls and earn two Super Bowl rings.

At the end of the 2017 season, Amendola moved on from the Patriots organization. He left New England to join the Miami Dolphins. While he stayed in the AFC East division, Amendola’s new contract was a two-year deal worth 12 million. The receiver had a below average season with 575 receiving yards, 59 receptions, and a single touchdown. Compared to the previous season, Amendola hauled in 61 receptions for 659 receiving yards. The conclusion of the 2017 season has the Dolphins front office buzzing about the receiver. Should they keep Amendola with his 6 million price tag for a second season?

Where will Danny Amendola become “Playoff ‘Dola”?

If Danny Amendola is indeed set to be released from the Miami Dolphins, where are his potential landing spots? It would seem that the receiver would stay within the AFC East. This is where he has had the most success. The New England Patriots would be a favorable landing spot. Not only does he have familiarity with the team, but he also has a solid relationship with Tom Brady.  With the wide receiver core potentially losing a few players to free agency, Amendola has a real opportunity. Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Phillip Dorsett are all free agents this season. That would only leave Julian Edelman, Braxton Berrios, Matthew Slater and Darren Andrews as the lone receivers.

Should coach Belichick consider bringing Amendola back to the team? 

Will he have to take a pay cut?

One of the reasons Danny Amendola departed the Patriots last season was due to money. The Patriots decided not to give him a pay increase. Instead of negotiating, he went on to a team that wanted to offer him a better contract. Moving on to a different team may have gotten him more money, but he was unable to play into the postseason. Given the opportunity to rejoin the New England Patriots, Amendola can potentially earn another shot at a third Super Bowl ring.

Can Amendola have success in other organizations?

Another opportunity for the wide receiver would be with the New York Jets. His former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, is now the head coach for the Jets organization. If New England is not willing to honor his premium price tag, there is a chance the Jets will. Amendola does have some familiarity with that organization and the coaching staff. He may finally be in the perfect position to become rewarded for his stellar playing over the years. However, the cost of winning a Super Bowl versus earning a higher paycheck may not be enough to entice the receiver.

At the end of the day, Danny Amendola may not move on to a new team. The Miami Dolphins need to officially decide if they are releasing the wide receiver. If this does become official news, the New England Patriots may have another opportunity to allow Amendola to become “Playoff ‘Dola” one last time!

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