College Basketball Week 4: Reaction to AP Poll

College Basketball Week 4 Poll

One of the more exciting times in the college basketball world with early-season Thanksgiving tournaments has now come and gone. We saw lots of teams make names for themselves, along with a plethora of upsets to boot. In this upcoming week, we get the B1G 10-ACC Challenge where we can find out a lot more about the top teams. However, going back to the present, the voters have released their poll for Week 4, here are our reactions.

1 Duke (51) 7-0 1,513 5
2 Purdue (9) 6-0 1,442 3
3 Gonzaga (1) 6-1 1,428 1
4 Baylor 7-0 1,324 6
5 UCLA 6-1 1,253 2
6 Villanova 4-2 1,147 7
7 Texas 4-1 1,115 8
8 Kansas 5-1 1,027 4
9 Kentucky 5-1 1,002 10
10 Arkansas 6-0 960 13
11 Arizona 6-0 851 17
12 BYU 6-0 791 18
13 Tennessee 4-1 730 15
14 Florida 6-0 681 23
15 Houston 5-1 631 12
16 Alabama 6-1 456 10
17 UConn 6-1 437 22
18 Memphis 5-1 435 9
19 Iowa State 6-0 403 NR
20 Southern California 6-0 380 24
21 Auburn 5-1 325 19
22 Michigan State 5-2 295 NR
23 Wisconsin 5-1 224 NR
24 Michigan 4-2 177 20
25 Seton Hall 5-1 151 21

Be sure to check out our reactions to the Week 3 AP Poll.

Some Voters Aren’t Even Paying Attention

One of the first things that jumped off the page when looking at the poll was the first-place vote for Gonzaga. The Zags lost to an undefeated Duke team and there’s no justifiable reason that Gonzaga should just stay in. Another issue we see is how Memphis is one spot above Iowa State, who just trounced the Tigers 78-59 this week to remain undefeated. It’s okay to have Memphis staying up high because of their talent but they need to prove it first and being above Iowa State is a clear blunder. 


Michigan Unimpressive Again; Stays Ranked

Coming off a Week 3 in which Michigan saw two losses to two currently ranked schools, the Wolverines didn’t look like a top 25 team. After an 11 point win against Tarleton State, they’ve looked even less like a top 25 team right now. Michigan doesn’t deserve to be ranked over undefeated teams like LSU, Colorado State, or even St. Bonaventure. The latter of whom ended up upsetting Northern Iowa on Sunday.

Two Biggest Upsets See Manageable Falls

Both Kansas and Alabama saw two really shocking defeats in their tournaments last week. Starting off with Kansas, the Jayhawks fell to Dayton in an amazing game that went down to the wire. Even with the loss to a now 4-3 squad, however, Kansas only fell four spots but it should’ve been a bit more. Then we move to Alabama. The Tide lost to Iona by four points in what was a revenge game for the Gaels after losing to Alabama in the NCAA tournament last year. Alabama fell six spots because of this loss, but again, it should’ve been a bit more. This one isn’t as bad as the Kansas one though because Iona is actually a very good squad that should make the tournament yet again this season.


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